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Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2014г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 3, 2014

1. B. Dereshko, Doctoral Student of the Military Administration, Administrative and Financial Law Department of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense Federal State Fiscal Military Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education, Candidate of Juridical Sciences vpravo@mail.ru
Legal regulation of spiritual and moral education of moral and psychological support in defense and security.
This article presents some issues of spiritual and moral education in the Armed Forces as part of moral and psychological support in the field of defense and security. The author separates spiritual and moral education form religious one, but at the same time stresses the important role of religion in our society. The Russian Constitution guarantees everyone, including the military, the right to freedom of conscience and religion. However, the author claims the implementation of the law in the army faces certain difficulties. Introduction of the military clergy is also ambiguous. There are also some noteworthy proposals on spiritual and moral education of the military personnel and improvements to the public relations legislation.
Key words: spiritual and moral education, moral and psychological support, rights of military personnel, freedom of religion and conscience, military clergy.

2. Karasev A.A., legal adviser, karasevaa@bk.ru
About content and location of the disciplinary responsibility institution of military in the Russian legislation system.
The article considers theoretical issues related to disciplinary liability of military. The author analyzes the legal nature of the institution of disciplinary responsibility institution of military.
Key words: military, disciplinary responsibility, military discipline

3. Artamonovа S.N., PhD, senior lecturer in military administration, administrative and financial rights of the Military University, vpravo@mail.ru
Actual problems of the legislative ensuring activity of bodies of military justice of Russia.
In article the actual legal problems connected with a legislative regulation of activity of bodies of military justice of Russia are designated. The pressing need in identification, studying and the real accounting of specifics of implementation of justice in the military sphere is noted. Author’s proposals on the improvement of the existing Russian legislation are particularly noteworthy.
Key words: military justice, the guarantees of the rights and freedoms of citizens, the reform of the military justice system, the concept of judicial law, doctrinal features of military justice.

4. Kardash I.L., Head of the Department of 4 Military University, Doctor of Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Colonel, vpravo@mail.ru
Service-combat activity of the internal troops of the MIA of Russia and international humanitarian law.
The article considers the peculiarities of application of norms of international humanitarian law in the service and combat activity of the internal troops, especially the troops themselves, as part of the system of ensuring national security of the state, and especially the conditions in which internal forces to perform their tasks.
Key words: international humanitarian law, the supply of negative conflict, internal troops, the service and the military activity of the internal troops.

5. Kosikov K.A., the applicant the degree of candidate of legal Sciences, an associate of the military unit 2462, kirillkosikov@rambler.ru
Some issues of improvement of legislation regulating border activities of the federal security service.
The article considers a number of theoretical positions on the legal support of the activity of the border authorities of the Federal security service. The directions of the legal consolidation of a definition of «cross-border activities» in the Russian legislation.
Key words: the legal framework, the border authorities of the Federal security service, border activities, Russian legislation, the protection of the state border.

6. Loompov E.A., lawyer, vpravo@mail.ru
Responsibility of the federal military security for administrative offenses.
This article is devoted to the problems of attracting servicemen of the federal security service responsible for administrative offenses. More details will be disclosed institutes administrative and disciplinary responsibility of the military.
Key words: Responsibility soldiers for administrative offenses, the administrative responsibility of military, disciplinary liability of servicemen.

7. Baranenkova Irina Viktorovna, candidate of legal Sciences, pvs1997@mail.ru
About the need for systematization of the rules on combating corruption in military organizations.
Тhe article discusses some of the problems of anti-corruption legislation, the application of the rules of procedure for the involvement of military personnel to disciplinary liability for corruption offences, the need for systematization of legal regulation of anti-corruption norms.
Key words: anti-corruption legislation, prevention of corruption, involvement of military personnel to disciplinary action.

8. Verdian AA, senior counsel of the military unit 20142, Justice Major, vpravo@mail.ru
To the question of defining the legal status of soldiers performing military service outside the Russian Federation.
Тhe present article is devoted to questions legal determination of legal status of the military personnel passable military service outside Russia, еo the analysis and structure of this legal category.
Key words: legal status, legal status, rights and freedoms, guarantees, restrictions, responsibility, serviceman.

9. E. Sokolova, Senior Lecturer of the Civil Law Department of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense Federal State Public Military Institution of Higher Education, Sokolova2010E@yandex.ru
On classification of sources of increased danger for military use.
The article discusses classifications, according to the military law, of the sources of increased danger used by military organizations. It is focused on the fact that the classification of such sources allows military organizations to be differentially responsible for the damage caused by the sources.
Key words: source of increased danger for military use, firearms, ammunition and their raw materials, modern weapons

10. Zorin O.L., candidate of juridical science, senior lecturer of the Air Force Academy (Voronezh), lieutenant-colonel, olozor06@rambler.ru;
Tomilov A.A., candidate of military science, professor of the Air Force Academy (Voronezh)
Legal regulation of military men academic ranks awarding for pedagogical and scientific activity in state certification system.
Тhe new procedure of awarding of professor and senior lecturer academic ranks to the Russian Federation Military Forces servicemen is analysed in the article.
Key words: academic rank, servicemen

11. Shvetova K.G., scientist of the Centre of the legal studies, vpravo@mail.ru
About the structure and peculiarities of the legal status of military servicemen.
The article describes the structure and features, and also presents a classification of the legal status of servicemen of the Russian Federation identified the prohibitions and restrictions upon completion of military service.
Key words: legal status of military servicemen, military service, prohibitions, restrictions.

12. Shokot I.Y., lawyer, shokot88@yandex.ru
Some aspects of the prevention of corruption in the military.
The article discusses the of corruption risk, method to identify corruption risks, the definition of anti-corruption preventive effect, and a system of measures to prevent corruption in the military.
Key words: prevention of corruption, corruption factors, corruption risk, method to identify corruption risks, anti-corruption preventive effect, system of measures to prevent corruption.

13. S.B. Matviychuk, Institution of Education Trade Union Federation "International University" MITSO ", PhD, associate professor, matviu@tut.by
Features members of the military of the Republic of Belarus for the performance obviously criminal order.
The article is devoted to the theme of interaction between the legal norms of the military and criminal laws governing the responsibility of the Armed forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Belarus for the implementation obviously criminal orders. Explores the scientific approaches of scholars and practitioners about the ratio illegal and obviously criminal orders. Special attention is paid to the content of the concept of order as a legal category.
Key words: Armed forces, the military leadership, criminal responsibility, knowingly criminal order

14. Pogorelov SA, Lecturer, Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics of the St. Petersburg Military Institute of the Interior Ministry of Russia, Colonel of Justice, sapog200877@mail.ru
Incentives Realization of the Military during the Great Patriotic War.
The article investigates the problems of the incentive measures of the military, provided by the Disciplinary Regulations of Workers and Peasants of the Red Army and Navy of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War. The changes in the enforcement practice of every type of incentives are revealed in detail in order to adapt to the challenges of ensuring military protection of the State.
Key words: the Great Patriotic War, martial law, military discipline, Disciplinary Regulations, disciplinary legal relations, the military, awards, rewards, incentives.

15. Sogiyainen A.A., candidate of law, sogalex@ya.ru
The main issues of the legal regulation of the military-medical expertise in the preparation and conscription.
Тhis article is devoted to the analysis of modern aspects of medical support manning of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation conscripts. The article reveals the peculiarities of legal regulation of the military-medical examination.
Key words: military-medical examination, fitness for military service, conscript service.

16. Kibakin M.V., doctor of sociological Sciences, associate Professor, researcher at the Military University.
Modern problems of military-legal studies social protection of servicemen.
The article deals with the structuring and specificity of the use of experimental methods military-legal studies social protection of servicemen, the possibility of their application for reflection of the subjects of the research activities regarding the state of the military-legal phenomena, the dynamics of military legal processes under military law, as a complex field of law/
Key words: social protection, military law, regulation, military, legal research, research methods, experimental methods, reflection.

17. Rylskaya M.A., vpravo@mail.ru
Peculiarities of scientific-practical identification of the concept of «internal armed conflict».
In article analysis of scientific sources, as well as the basic position of the four Geneva conventions and the additional protocols thereto, concerning the interpretation of the concept of internal armed conflict, with a view to making its eligibility criteria.
Key words: war, internal armed conflict, riots, crisis situations.

18. Koryakin V.M., Korjakinmiit@rambler.ru
Pricing in the public procurement for the needs of defense and the corruption potential.
Тhe article examines the problems associated with the formation of prices of products of military purpose, provides an assessment of the corruption potential of legal norms regulating pricing in the procurement of goods, works and services for the needs of defense
Key words: price formation; public procurement; corruption; cor-replacemnet legislation

19. Vahrenewa I.N., vpravo@mail.ru
The criminalistic description of the abuse of authority by military officials and its importance in the investigation process.
This text is about criminalistic description of the abuse of authority by military officials and its importance in the investigation process.
Key words: criminalistic description, military officials, importance in the investigation process.

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