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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2009г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 2, 2009

1. U.N.Tyganov. The account of military men interests in the course of military discipline maintenance or to a question on competitiveness in armed forces of the Russian federation.
The account of military men interests in the course of military discipline maintenance - the important component of military men education, enforcement of the law and military discipline in military unit.
Military discipline, the account of interests, competitiveness.

2. A.A. Abramov. The question of concepts differentiation "available housing" and «an available housing of Russian Federation Armed forces » and their legal regimes.
Basis of a legal available housing regime in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation is the certain order of possession, use and the order the indicated available housing.
Armed forces, available housing, legal regime.

3. V.V.Baranenkov. Theory and legal bases of juridical personality definition of the military organizations.
Sharing of the military organisations in various legal relations kinds stipulates objective necessity of their exact positioning for system of other organisations that does not find due reflexion in the Russian legislation.
The military organisations, the juridical personality, bases.

4. A.V.Kydashkin , K.V.Fateev , S.S.Haritonov. The military ranks assignment should have stimulating and anticorruption character.
The military ranks assignment should be carried out with allowance for duration, faultlessness and efficiency performance by responsibilities of the military men. Problems of such approach are considered in the article.
Military ranks, assignment, conditions.

5. L.N. Smorchkova. Problems of realisation competences by agency of federal security service concerning federal property.
Sharing of federal security bodies in a property turn-over is characterised by some problems in realisation of real competences which will be considered in the article.
Federal security Agency, real relations, problems.

6. A.Bazhenov. Questions of restriction crimes against military service from rough disciplinary offences.
Social and legal criteria of restriction crimes against military service and rough disciplinary offences.
Crime, disciplinary offence, the social danger, insignificance.

7. M.F. Gatsko. Problems of realisation by the military men passing military service contractually, the rights to professional retraining at their dismissal from military service.
Professional retraining of the military men discharged from military service.
Social warranties, the military man, retraining, dismissal from military service.

8. D.U. Manannikov. The question on - a legal status of the military men condemned conditionally and continuing to pass military service.
About legal limits of the military men who have committed crimes, and condemned conditionally.
The military man, probation, legal limits.

9. D.E. Zaykov. Juridikal and technical defects of law separate standard elements about military service and the status of military men.
The legal engineering of standard elements preparation of law about military service and the status of military men
Military service, standard elements of law, the status of military men

10. R.A. Troshenko. The question on - the criminal liability for military crimes in a wartime and in red zone.
About the criminal liability for crimes against the military service, made in a wartime and in red zone.
The military man, the criminal liability, a wartime.

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