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Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2011г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 2, 2011

1. Bukanova O. A., teacher’s Administrative and international faculty of the Moscow order troops Federal Security Service institute of the Russian Federation.
On some issues of foreign experience in the legal regulation of border сrossing.
The article discusses some aspects of the legal and organizational support of the implementation of border crossing border authorities of the United States and Canada. Based on an analysis of international experience, there is need for serious reform of the organization and the Russian Federation legislation in this area.
Keywords: the border control troops, the administrative reform, the border control, the checkpoints, legislation.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0013

2. Gasanov R.M., PhD in Law, the Deputy Director - the head of "Department of training and service provision for the legal activities of industrial enterprises" of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Institute "Center".
Legal security of naval policy Russian Federation.
The article deals with the current state of the Naval policy and the identifying of its needs. Also in the article justifies the need to develop the concept of legal regulation of the Naval policy for defense and security of Russia.
Keywords: the Naval policy, state policy, national safety, legal regulation.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0014

3. Dubynina T.V., postgraduate in the Military University, major of justice.
The civil elements in the legal source system of the military law.
The article is devoted to the legal source system of the military law and its place and importance in this system.
Kewwords: military law, system of law, legislative system, civil law.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0015

4. A.I.Emeljanova, postgraduate in the Military University.
Concept and essence activity on creation of norms of the rightof bodies of military management of Armed forces of the Russian Federation.
The summary: in article the essence and the maintenance activity on creation of norms of the rightof bodies of military management, the form the given activity, its signs as kind of legal activity and feature of its realisation in Armed forces of the Russian Federation reveal.
Keywords: military management, bodies of military management, activity on creation of norms of the right, certificates of military management.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0016

5. Ermolovich Y. N., candidate of legal sciences.
Sources of military penal law of the Russian Federation.
The article deals with the matters of concept, substance and system of sources of military penal law, it analyzes its history of development. The analysis results of current and historical military penal legal acts and theory of military penal law enable the article writer to draw a conclusion that one should see sources of military penal law wider than those, mentioned in the military penal legislation. Moreover, historical legal acts, court practice, science of military penal law and legal awareness should be considered as sources of military penal law.
Key words: penal responsibility, military personnel, sources of penal law.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0017

6. I.A.Kinashenko.
Military-pension legal relations and its elements.
The summary: article is devoted consideration of theoretical aspects of the right of social security in a part, concerning legal regulation of a provision of pensions of the persons passing military service, and their families, classification of military-pension relations is spent, analyzed their subjects, objects and the maintenance, the concept military-pension legal relations is formulated.
Keywords: legal relations, military-pension legal relations, a provision of pensions, pension.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0018

7. Kykyshkina O.J., Senior research worker of center studies of the Russian law “Equitas”, Olga.amnist@yandex.ru.
Criminally-remedial and military-legal means, of amnesty realization with respect to servicemen.
The article is devoted to topical theoretical and practical questions, connected with applying amnesty to servicemen, committed crimes. According to analysis of contemporary military and criminally-remedial law, decisions about amnesty and judicial practice we can find the way of law regulating development in the area of realization of amnesty with respect to servicemen, committed crimes.
Keyword: amnesty, status of serviceman, military discipline, crime, responsibility.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0019

8. Nesterova S.V., lecturer in Military law Military University, Lieutenant of Justice, svetulyatarasova@bk.ru
Law of war and their protection.
This article analyzes the rules of international humanitarian law, establishing the scope of persons to whom the military regime of captivity. Particular attention is given to the prisoners of personal, political, socio-economic and cultural rights and freedoms and guarantees of their protection under international law.
Keywords: rights of prisoners of war, combatant, armed conflict.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0020

9. Sokolov M.S., Doctoral candidate Moscow frontier institute, candidate of jurisprudence xr17@mail.ru.
Military-legal aspect of information security of the Russian Federation.
The role of information technology increases in government sphere. Projects of electronic document circulation and the electronic government take root. Value of information sphere for state security raises also. In article the questions connected with use of information technology in the military purposes and development of an international legal basis of maintenance of information security reveal.
Key words: information security, information relations.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0021

10. Aulov V.K., the senior the teacher Baikal national university economics and the law; Tuganov Y.N., the doctor of jurisprudence, the professor of the Chita state university.
To the question on the organization military - judicial system of Russia during judicial reform 1864-1867: disciplinary the component.
In clause the argument according to which in imperial Russia after reform 1864-1867 there was not uniform military-judicial system, and independent military judicial systems of army and fleet is resulted.
Keywords: military-judicial system, judicial reform 1864-1867, disciplinary responsibility of judges.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0022

11. G.G.Holod.
Preferential calculus seniority for purposes of pensions: the conditions and standards.
Abstract: This article analyzes the main provisions of the legislation which provides for preferential calculation of seniority for purposes of pensions, as well as the grounds and conditions for the grace of calculus.
Keywords: military, pension, seniority, preferential calculus foundation conditions.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0023

12. I.N. Shumigai – Senior Operative, Major of Justice.
About some aspects of interaction between investigative and operational subdivisions during identification, detection (exposure), and investigation of frauds committed by military servicemen with use of their duty positions.
The article covers issues concerning organization of effective interactions between investigative and operational subdivisions during investigation of frauds committed by military servicemen with use of their duty positions. The relevant legal basis is outlined; both: types and form of interaction and examples of efficient implementation are given, as well as organizational faults.
Key words: military servicemen, fraud, official (duty) position, planning, form of action (legal procedure –процессуальная норма), crime.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0024

13. J.A.Shurygina.
About some problems and contradictions of legal regulation of activity on safety of military service.
The summary: in article the problems connected with absence in the operating military man of the legislation of uniform understanding of system of safety of military service and its legal regulation are considered, the various points of view on the given legal institute are analyzed.
Keywords: safety of military service; safety of military service.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0025

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