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Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2010г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 3, 2010

1.Mr Ermolovich, lecturer of criminal law department of Military University, Master of Jurisprudence, constnt@rambler.ru
The concept of the military criminal policy of the Russian Federation.
Abstract: This article explores the genesis of the concept of "military-criminal policy, features of its transformation in relation to service members, the relation with the concept of" military security»
Keywords: military criminal policy, the concept “science”, military security.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0018

2. Mr Meleshko, advanced student of criminal law department of Military University, a senior lieutenant of Justice.
Military criminal legislation on the subject of war crimes against military service.
Abstract: The article describes issues related to the need to widen the circle of persons who have committed crimes against military service in wartime or combat situation.
Keywords: Criminal responsibility, wartime, combat situation.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0019

3. Ms Dubynina, advanced student of criminal law department of Military University, kud64@mail.ru
Some aspects of the involvement of military organizations in civil law relations.
Abstract: The article discusses the participation of military institutions (organizations) in civil law relations, their public-legal status makes the problem of enforcement.
Keywords: Military organizations, civil relations, activities, problems.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0020

4. Mr Grinevich, advanced student of criminal law department of Military University, the captain of Justice, dgrinevich@yandex.ru
The court of honor as a leading social organisation in the Russian army of XIX-XX centuries.
Abstract: This article is devoted to the protection of military honor, dignity and business reputation of service members, specialized public body - a court officers’ honor.
Keywords: Service members, Court of Honor, military honor, the dignity of a service member, battel, punishment.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0021

5. Vorobev E.G. – the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, the colonel of justice.
Modern state policy concerning military camps.
Annotation: In article legal questions of mass refusal planned by the state from military camps which infringe on interests of the Russian Federation, its subjects, local governments and the citizens living in such small towns are stated. Possible ways of the decision of available legal problems are designated.
Keywords: State policy, military reform, military camps, the housing rights of citizens, the coordination of public and private interests.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0022

6. Gluhov E.A., colonel of justice, a postgraduate of Military University of Ministry of Defense of The Russian Federation.
Bureaucratic features of the military organization of the Russian state: the causes and negative consequences.
Annotation: In the article analyses the military-service relations according to it's correlation with the bureaucratic systems of management, identifies specific typical cases of bureaucracy in the military service, and suggests the ways how to minimize the administrative actions of this sort.
Keywords: bureaucracy, bureaucrat, administration, military-service relations, the principle of unity of command, a military man.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0023

7.Mr Samsonov, advanced student of the Criminal Procedure Department and Law Enforcement Affairs of the Udmurt State University, igvsud@usdur.udmnet.ru
The acquittal by military courts in Russia: Theory and Practice.
Annotation: The problem of imposing judgment of acquittal is not fully reflected in the criminal procedure doctrine. Moreover, questions of imposing sentence of acquittal by Russian courts martial generally, does not receive any attention in science.
The article carries out an analysis of statistics imposing judgment of acquittal by tribunals martial in the Russian Federation and on that basis formulates peculiarities of its justify practice in comparison with other courts of general jurisdiction.
Key words: verdict of acquittal, courts martial, justice.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0024

8. Baranenkova I.V., deputy chief of department, Moscow Taxation Inspection № 3, The Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation.
Public legal essence of military organizations.
The summary: The article touches upon the problematic issues of the public legal status of military organizations as state bodies.
Key words: legal status, military organizations, state bodies.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0025

9. Zhuravlev Sergey. The docent of the department of the MSJA’s Continuous Education Institute.
Juridical aspects of the system of executive bodies’ peopleware.
Annotation: The article is devoted to content research of the system of peopleware of federal executive bodies authorized in state security (special services). The peopleware elements calcification is based on following characteristics: according their content; according their subject’s and object’s composition; according the kind of reserve; according their functions. The substation is based on following sciences: the state and law theory; the methodology of science and research.
Keywords: border authorities, military service, management, human resources.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0026

10. Smorchkova L.N., candidate of law.
The right of operative administration of the military establishment according to the new civil law.
Annotation: The article considers the legal nature of the right of operative administration and the correlation of the volume of real powers of the military establishment depending on its civil-law type.
Key words: military establishments, property, the right of operative administration.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0027

11. Mr Zorin, degree-seeking student of the military administration, administrative and financial rights of the Military University, Major of Justice, olozor06@rambler.ru
The legal category of "service members’ award": functional analysis and classification.
Abstract: The article deals with the legal category of "encouragement of military personnel, including the functions of legal incentives, and their classification.
Keywords: service members, promotion, concept, analysis, features, classification.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421000099\0028

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