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Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2011г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 3, 2011

1.Baranenkov V., Ph. D., Professor, pvs1997@mail.ru.
Concept, types and legal nature of military organizations.
Examines the concept of "military organization", "military organization", their relationship, the purpose and legal basis for their establishment and operation are considered separate types of military organizations.
Keywords: military organization, concept, types, legal entity.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0026

2. Baranenkova I.V., lawyer.
Legal status of military state institutions.
The article touches upon the problems of the legal status of military state institutions.
Key words: legal status, military organizations, state institutions.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0027

3. V.A.Verhovodov.
Тhe Rather-legal analysis of legal regimes of the closed administrative-territorial formations and the closed military camps.
The summary: article is devoted consideration of legal aspects of creation and functioning of the closed military camps and the closed administrative-territorial formations, and also the status of the persons living in them.
Keywords: the closed military camp; the closed administrative-territorial formation.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0028

4. Vorobev E.G. – the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, Voro-byov-e-g@rambler.ru.
Military men and military reform: about legal and social conditions of reforming of the personnel of armed forces.
Оriginal military reform of Armed forces of the Russian Federation can't be realized only military-administrative reductions and changes of structure of shots. It consists in the continuous government armed forces according to current legislation requirements, including, by appropriate material maintenance of military men (monetary, pension, housing).
Keywords: Armed forces, military reform, the military legislation, social conditions, staff of military men, material maintenance of military men.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0029

5. T.V.Gorbunov, gortimof@gmail.com.
About some questions of definition of guilt of the legal person in fulfilment of an administrative offence in the field of preservation of the environment and user the nature subordinated to frontier service.
In article aspects of definition of guilt of the legal person, as subject of an administrative offence in the field of preservation of the environment and user the nature are considered. Proceeding from the analysis of the legislation, judiciary practice, materials of practical activities of officials of frontier service on attraction of legal bodies to administrative responsibility the algorithm of definition of guilt of the legal person in offence fulfilment is offered.
Keywords: the legal body, fault, the worker, the official, the user the nature.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0030

6.Yermolovich Yaroslav, PhD in Law, pvs1997@mail.ru.
Development of the military-criminal policy in modern Russia.
This article is devoted to the history of development of the military criminal policy catego-ries in Russian Federation since 1991. Analyzing the present day military criminal legislation, the military criminal legislation of the Soviet period and the practice of their application, the author determines the main features and regularities of development of the military criminal policy. The author concluded that the main tendencies of development of the military criminal policy in modern period are universalization of military criminal legislation, decriminalization and depe-nalization of some military crimes and general mitigation of the law application policy even de-spite high latentiation of military crime.
Keywords: criminal responsibility, servicemen, military criminal policy.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0031

7. Mr Zorin, degree-seeking student of the military administration, administrative and financial rights of the Military University, Major of Justice, olozor06@rambler.ru.
Legislation about encouragement of military personnel needs more effective legal regulation.
Abstract: items of legislation about encouragement of military personnel effectiveness and ways of its perfection are considered in the article.
Keywords: effectiveness, legal monitoring, encouragement of military personnel.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0032

8. Knyazeva T.S., adjunct of the Moscow border troops Federal Security Service institute of the Russian Federation, nxrnxr@mail.ru.
Relationship of threats to national security and illegal crossing the state bor-der of the Russian Federation.
The article deals with the threats to national security of the Russian Federation in the border area, and their possible association with illegal crossing the state border of the Rus-sian Federation. It is estimated the role of legal regulation of liability for illegal border crossing in the mechanism of national security.
Keywords: national security, threats to national security, illegal crossing of the state bor-der.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0033

9. Mironov O.I., vbaranenkov@yandex.ru, scientist of the Centre of the legal studies.
Preventive maintenance to corruptions amongst military personnel : problems and directions of the improvement.
The article are considered to the problem-solving questions of the preventive maintenance to corruptions amongst military personnel, directions of the improvement to this activity.
Keywords: preventive maintenances to corruptions; shaping in society of the intolerances to corruption behaviour; the anticorruption expert operation of the legal acts and their project; the qualifying requirement; the information about incom, functions; public checking.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0034

10. Rybka Lyudmila Petrovna, a research student of the Department of the Constitutional and Ad-ministrative Law at the Orel State University, a servicewoman v/ch 93872, address: 302034, 35/216 Priborostroitelnaya Street, Orel, e-mail: Lydmila_Kodex@List.ru.
Gaps and discrepancies of the citizen equal access to military service under contract, and the ways to overcome them.
The analysis of the legal framework resulted in the reasoned conclusion about the discrepancy between some regulations and the constitutional principle of citizen equal access to state service.
Key words: gaps, legislation discrepancies, citizen equal access, military service, contract.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0035

11. AY Shumilov, Ph. D., Professor (Moscow), oper-ord. @ Mail.ru.
Quoted work specialists in military law in open journals.
A definition of military law and military activities. Specified body of Russian scientists - doctors, dealing with military law. The problem of citation in scientific periodicals, works of scholars of military law, for five years (2005-2009). Rating of the citation in the open scientific journals work of doctors, of military law. On the basis of legal scientometrics developed and offered a single scale assessing the contribution of Patriotic GOVERNMENTAL legal scholars in the light of their citation of scientific papers in open, periodic out-daniyah. The list of most cited scientists in the field of military law.
Keywords: military activities, military law, military, legal scientometrics, citation ranking legal scholars, quoting the works of specialists of military law, the legal scientometrics.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0036

12. A.A.Chushkina.
Anticorruption sense of justice of military men and its role in corruption counteraction at service in boundary bodies of federal security service of the Russian Federation.
In article the structure of anticorruption sense of justice of military men is considered, its features with reference to military service in boundary bodies reveal.
Keywords: corruption, corruption counteraction, sense of justice, anticorruption sense of justice.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0037

13. Shishkanov VA, PhD, pvs1997@mail.ru.
Imperfection of military law as a factor in military Legal Nihilism.
The article is devoted to the study of such negative social phenomena in the military organization of the state as the legal nihilism of the military man. It has been established that based reason of legal nihilism among the military man is the imperfection of the system of military legislation. It is concluded that the fight against legal nihilism of military man should start with the ordering sources of military legislation.
Keywords: martial law.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0038

14. Shcherbak S., PhD, associate professor, pvs1997@mail.ru.
Apply or use weapons officials? (to resolve this matter in the Federal Law "On Police").
In the article the author's opinion about the essence of the categories of "use ofarms"and "use of arms. " As a result of theoretical and legal analysis of proposedconceptual solution of the relation between the considered categories.
Keywords: Police, weapons possession, demonstration, application and use.
ID number of the article in STC "Informregistr": 0421100099\0039

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