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Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2021г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 5, 2021


Index of abbreviations.

Theory and history of military law

1. Koryakin V.M. Military law as a science.
2. Skrynnik A.M. The system of auxiliary fleet management and training of naval per-sonnel for auxiliary vessels and naval harbors in the USSR: a brief historical and legal aspect.
3. Trofimov M.V. Theory of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of military organizations as subjects of financial legal relations from the standpoint of legal conflic-tology.
4. Yakovets E.N. "Prague Spring" as a mirror of the "color revolution.

Military-administrative law

5. Zakharov P.A. Administrative and procedural actions in the activity officials of bor-der authorities for conducting administrative investigations in cases of administrative of-fenses.
6. Kalashnikov V.V. Creation of military training centers: issues of improving legal reg-ulation.
7. Serdyukov S.V., Korostelev A.S. Bringing military personnel to administrative re-sponsibility and the influence of the interests of military service on this.
8. Shenshin V.M. On strengthening criminal and administrative responsibility for the il-legal sale of weapons, their main parts, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices and on the powers of the Rosgvardiya in the field of arms trafficking.

Military service. Social guarantees of military personnel

9. Babaytseva E.S., Bolshakova V.M., Naumov P.Yu. Issues of performing military ser-vice duties when providing medical care to military personnel or passing a medical exam-ination by them.
10. Zaikov D.E. Parental leave granted to military personnel who are not his parents.
11. Kharitonov S.S., Mironov V.S. On the relevance of the interpretation of legal regula-tions in the field of housing provision for military personnel in relation to the materials of military-judicial practice.

Legal support of patriotic education of citizens

12. Martynenko I.E. Regulatory and legal support for perpetuating the memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War: the experience of the Republic of Belarus.
13. Sherbak S.I. Civil society and its opportunities for the formation of patriotism among young peoplе.

Legal regulation of labor relations in military organizations

14. Lomakina T.V. Topical issues of social partnership in military units (military organi-zations) The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
15. Kharitonov V.S. On the question of the characteristics of an employee of a military unit as a party to an employment contract.

Combating corruption in the military organization of the state

16. Bogunova A.V. On corruption risks most typical for military organizations.
17. Zemlin A.I. Actual issues of minimizing corruption risks in the field of procurement for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Criminal law, criminology, criminal procedure and criminalistics.
18. Andreev A.V., Kulagina P.I., Kairgaliev D.V. The use of special knowledge in the disclosure and investigation of crimes related to damage to forest plantations (Article 260 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).
19. Borisov A.V. Genesis of legislation on crimes against minors in the Russian Federa-tion.
20. Kirillov P.V. The category of "activity" in criminology.
21. Malikov S.V., Makhyanova R.M. The supervisory situation as one of the main com-ponents of the development and implementation of prosecutorial tactics.
22. Roganov S.A., Naiman S.A. Problems of using unmanned aerial vehicles with the function of photographing, as a technical and forensic tool used to collect traces of a crime.
23. Subanova N.V. Direction of the state control (supervision) bodies of materials when detecting signs of a crime: procedural aspects.
24. Kharitonov S.S., Vorobyev A.G. On the issue of qualification of corruption crimes: some aspects from the perspective of the practice of the Cassation Military Court.
25. Shumilin V.A. Some questions of the criminal-legal characteristics of desertion.

Military problems of international law. Foreign military legislation

26. Leontiev V.N. Legal bases of participation of the military contingent of the Russian Federation as part of the Collective Rapid Reaction forces of the Organization Collective Security Treаty.
27. Taradonov S.V. Problems of implementing the ban on the placement of weapons of mass destruction in outer space.
28. Sheyrenov B.S. The Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic in the period of acute po-litical and social crises in the post-Soviet period.

Reviews of military-legal publications

29. Kholikov I.V. History and theory of military law: the first fundamental research.

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