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Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2021г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 2, 2021


Abbreviations index.

Legal support of defense and military security

1. Boldyrev S.V. Improving the legal regulation of the activities of the border authorities of the Federal Security Service to prevent members of international terrorist and extremist organizations from entering the Russian Federation from the territory of the countries of the Central Asian region.
2. Gusev S.A., Loboda A.B. The function of the country's defense in modern conditions of globalization.

Theory and history of military law

3. Belyaev N. N. On the domestic experience of reforming state security bodies during the Great Patriotic War in the framework of the organization of defense and national security of the state.
4. Damaskin O.V. Racism of the Nazi ideology of the Second World War.
5. Norenko I.V. On the theory of the question of the recognition of war and military actions as circumstances of irresistible force.
6. Svininykh E.A., Borisov A.V. Development of legislation on ways and forms of attracting private law subjects to solving problems in the field of state border protection.
7. Taradonov S. V. Acts of military administration as a source of military law.
8. Kholikov I.V., Zaneevskaya N.A. Legal regulation of accounting for irretrievable losses and burial of deceased (dead) servicemen of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War.
9. Shamarov V.M. On the question of the content of the concept of "social state".

Legal support for the education and combat training of military personnel

10. Zakharenko S.V., Mikhalev V.A., Limar P.I. Legal aspects of socio-pedagogical adaptation to service in the National Guard troops of persons who participated in youth organizations of an extremist nature.
11. Kalashnikov V.V. Features of legal regulation of the activity of the teaching staff of the military training center.
12. Skrynnik A.M. Naval training in maritime schools of small and long-distance navigation of the Russian Empire and medium maritime schools of the USSR: historical and legal aspect.
13. Fedak E.I., Mikhalev V.A., Feredin D.A. Legal support of the process of forming the moral-political and psychological readiness of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to perform combat tasks.

Military-administrative law

14. Efimkin Yu. S., Kharitonov S. S. On the system of departmental financial control in the Ministry of Defense of Russia: issues of law enforcement.
15. Zakharov P.A. Administrative investigation as a "pseudo-stage" of proceedings in the case of an administrative offense.
16. Redkous V.M., Duvanov N.Yu. Legal consolidation and implementation by border authorities of the principles of proceedings in cases of administrative offenses against legal entities.
17. Roshchin S. R. Functional analysis of the activity of the legal service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation: methodology and features of regulatory legal regulation.
18. Trofimov M. V. The legal status of military organizations as subjects of settlement and currency legal relations (financial and legal aspect)
19. Shankhaev S. V. Administrative and jurisdictional activities of the military police (on the example of proceedings in cases of administrative offenses).

Military service, social guarantees of military personnel and members of their families

20. Zaikov D. E. Social partnership in the sphere of labor in the FSB of Russia.
21. Pavlushchik S. V., Cheshko V. Yu. The procedure for passing urgent military service in the Republic of Belarus.
22. Roganov S. A., Semenova I. V. Certain prohibitions and restrictions on the rights of military personnel undergoing military service under a contract.
23. Slivkov A. S. On some contradictions in the practice of applying paragraph 19 of Article 15 Federal Law "On the Status of Military Personnel" in the implementation of housing rights of a separate category of military personnel.
24. Shenshin V.M., Shenshina L. A. Some features of military service (service) in the National Guard troops.

Judicial and prosecutorial activities

25. Bolshakova V. M., Naumov P. Yu., Kononov A. N. Proofs and proving in the implementation of judicial protection of the interests of military medical organizations.
26. Dokuchaeva E. N., Emelyanova A. I. Problems of improving the effectiveness of supervisory activities of military prosecutor's offices.
27. Koryakin V. M. Indexation of awarded monetary amounts as an element of judicial protection of military personnel.

Criminal law, criminology, criminal procedure and criminology

28. Batyukova V.E. On the application of the norms establishing criminal liability for the legalization (laundering) of money or other property
29. Borisov A.V. On the issue of the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment.
30. Girko S.I., Kharchenko S.V. Some features of the organization of the investigation of criminal cases about crimes of past years.
31. Kovalenko O.O., Shulgin I.V. Criminalistic means and methods of research of human odoriferous traces in relation to solving the tasks of operational-search activity.
32. Kolchanova M.A., Sudenko V.E. Inspection of the accident site in transport: technical and tactical support.
33. Kryshtopov A.V. Countering the financing of extremism through the transfer of digital currency, digital financial assets and digital rights
34. Pleshakov A.M., Shkabin G.S. Criminal liability for sabotage with the use of animals.
35. Prudnikova L.B., Semenova V.V., Shenshin V. M. Features of the qualification of military crimes on the grounds of the subjective side.
36. Sotnikova V.V., Kiselev D.S. On the question of the problem of qualifying the murder of a woman who is obviously pregnant for the guilty person.
37. Khaliulina E.T., Zhuravleva A.S. Crimes committed with the use of personal data: characteristics of the state.

Military problems of international law. Foreign military legislation

38. Kovalenko V. I. Interstate cooperation of the member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States on combating human trafficking and criminal exploitation of human beings.
39. Makarov D. B. The role of the Nuremberg trial in the development of international criminal justice.
40. Plegansky D. O. Foreign practice of bringing military personnel to material responsibility.
41. Ponomarev A. I. Political and legal model of goal setting in public administration of the United States of America.
42. Rylskaya M. A. Biological weapons: historical realities and humanitarian and legal problems.
43. Stennikov V. V., Amonuloev Sh. P. International legal bases of military-economic cooperation within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.
44. Chernyavsky A. G. The concept of protection in international humanitarian law: a historical and legal study.

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