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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2020г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 6, 2020


Abbreviations index.

Legal support of national security

1. Davydov A.V., Kilasonia G.G. On the issue of national security forces.
2. Zemlin A.I. Some aspects of ensuring transport safety in the context of the spread of infectious diseases(on the example of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic).
3. Koryakin V.M. Corruption risks in the field of transport security.

Theory and history of military law

4. Kononov S.A. History of the development of legislation on citizens ' participation in the protection of the state border in the X-XIX centuries.
5. Lychev D.I., Mishina O.A., Scriabina O.V. History of cassation military courts in Russia.
6. Taradonov S.V. Immanence of military legal relations in wartime and in a combat situation.
7. Shamarov V.M. Political system of society: concept, institutional framework, category classification.
8. Yakovets E.N. Legal and moral aspects of protecting Russia's interests in the international arena (on the example of Russian-Bulgarian relations).

The military aspects of the civil rights

9. Ivanov R.V. Structure, content and procedure for preparing documentation on the purchase of goods, works and services for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
10. Smorchkova L.N. On the correlation of the concepts "property of a military organization", "military property", "military property".

Military administrative law

11. Budarin Ya.S., Shchelakov P.V. On the issue of normative and legal regulation of official duties of military personnel.
12. Vetoshkin P.A. Features of the use of weapons and special means as a measure of administrative restraint.
13. Denisov D.I. Legal construction and evaluation of the mechanism of public control over the activities of Federal Executive authorities.
14. Zaykov D.E. Departmental legal acts: problems of qualification and accessibility.
15. Ketova T.S. Concept, content and classification of administrative enforcement measures applied by border authorities at checkpoints across the State border of the Russian Federation.
16. Koryakin V.M., Kharitonov V. S. Some issues of recognition of legal acts as invalid (based on the materials of judicial practice).
17. Shenshin V.M. Legal regulation of public control in the sphere of activity of the national guard troops.

Military duty, military service

18. Zorin O. L., Petshauer M. Yu. On the system of legal acts regulating the security of military service in the Russian Armed Forces.
19. Kalashnikov V. V. On the new procedure for admission and training of citizens in military training centers.
20. Malakhanov A. V. on some aspects of performing military duty and the duty of a citizen of the Russian Federation to protect the Fatherland Prosecutorial supervision.
21. Makhyanova R. M. Tactics of Supervisory activity of Prosecutor's offices as a factor of increasing the efficiency of public administration.
22. Subanova N. V. Counteraction of Prosecutor's office to crimes and other offenses in the sphere of licensing.

Criminal law, criminology, criminal procedure and criminalistics

23. Borisov A.V. Personality of a criminal who commits tax crimes in the construction sector.
24. Bychkov V.V., Kharchenko S.V. Topical issues of organization of investigation of criminal cases on crimes of the past years.
25. Krasnikova E.V., Lavronenko R.V. The state of juvenile delinquency in the Russian Federation and its counteraction at the present stage (based on the survey materials).
26. Popov A. A. on some aspects of criminal liability of military personnel for violation of the rules of service for the protection of public order and public security.
27. Slifish M.V. On the limits of competence of the bodies of inquiry of the Armed Forces Russian Federation on initiation of criminal cases.

Military problems of international law

28. Gusarova N.V. Legal regulation of the status of persons exercising border control in some foreign countries.
29. Damaskin O.V. Criminal aggression and criminal liability under Russian criminal law.
30. Ovcharov A.V. "White helmets" and ensuring terrorism.
31. Sinyaeva N.A. Norms of international humanitarian law and factors affecting their compliance by state and non-state armed groups.
32. Smirnykh S.E. Responsibility of child soldiers in the changing world order.
33. Kholikov I.V., Mamaev A.A. Types and international legal characteristics of modern military operations at sea.

Reviews of military law publications

34. Kinashenko I.A. Judicial protection of the rights of military personnel.

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