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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2020г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 4, 2020


Abbreviations index.

Legal support of national security

1. Svininykh E. A., Borisov A.V. Legal regulation of involvement of citizens and other subjects of private law in solving problems of border security: foreign experience.

Theory and history of military law

2. Zhdanov S. P. The doctrine of specialization.
3. Zakharov P. A. Evolution of development of administrative investigation on cases of administrative offenses in border authorities.
4. Zorin O. L., Koryakin V. M. Brief historical and legal analysis of the formation and development of military and political bodies of the Armed Forces.
5. Mitrofanov V. V. Formation and formation of legislation on secondment in internal Affairs bodies: historical aspect.
6. Plegansky D. O. Historical and legal analysis of the formation and development of the Institute of material responsibility of military personnel.
7. Tuganov A. Yu. Special subject of legal relations: question statement and methodology of research of the legal position of the Chairman of the garrison military court.
8. Shamarov V. M. On the content of the concept “political system of society».

Military aspects of administrative law

9. Vetoshkin P. A. Directions for improving the legal regulation of the use of weapons by military personnel of border authorities.
10. Kirichenko N. S. Administrative procedure for attracting military personnel material liability.

Military duty and military service

11. Sokolov P. S., Popova Yu. N., Mukhtarov S. A. Problematic issues of the legal status of military personnel Trained in basic educational programs.
12. Trofimov M. V. Development of scientific ideas about combining military service with other paid activities.
13. Kharitonov S. S. On some issues of legal regulation of attraction military personnel are subject to disciplinary responsibility for violations in the field of protection of state secrets.

Legal aspects of training and education

14. Volkov V. V., Maryutin V. A. Evaluating the effectiveness of military personnel.
15. Meshchangina E. I. Informatization and digitalization of military education: legal aspect.
16. Ovcharov O. A. From the ancient to the modern history of the formation of the Church-legal bases of activity of the military clergy of Russia (questions of improvement of legal work).
17. Sheveleva A. S. About the system of professional training for customs operations.

Law and order, prosecutorial and judicial activities

18. Bogunova A. A. On the issue of organizational and legal measures to prevent corruption in military organizations.
19. Girko S. I., Kharchenko S. V. Correlation of operational-search measures "operational experiment" and provocations.
20. Dikarev I. S., Solovyov I. Yu. Changing the territorial jurisdiction of criminal cases in the practice of military and other courts of General jurisdiction.
21. Makhyanova R. M. The Role and place of the hypothesis in the development of tactical techniques Supervisory activities of the Prosecutor.
22. Subanova N. V. On the issue of improving some procedural powers of the Prosecutor.
23. Chernyavsky A. G. Problematic issues of legal consolidation of actual methods and technologies of psychological support of the certification process civil servants in the law enforcement sphere.

Military criminal law and criminology

24. Koryakin V. M., Kharitonov V. S. Some questions of qualification of crimes for evasion from military service.
25. Popov A. A. On the issue of criminal liability of military personnel for violating the rules of carrying out special types of military service in the national guard troops.
26. Yasnitskaya M. I. Criminological aspects of countering modern youth extremism.

Military problems of international law

27. Amonuloev sh. P., Kholikov I. V. Modern trends in the development of the military component of the Shanghai cooperation organization.
28. Damaskin O. V. The Problem of criminal aggression in modern international criminal law as a threat to international and national security.
29. Kholikov I. V., Zanevskaya N. A. Obligations of States to transfer information at their disposal about military personnel who died in the period of armed conflict.
30. Chernyavsky A. G., Sibileva O. P. Autonomous precision weapons as a challenge to international humanitarian law.

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