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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2020г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 3, 2020


Abbreviations index.

Legal support of national security

1. Barkov A.V., Sokolov A. P. Sustainable development of the military-industrial complex as an element of state policy in the field of chemical and biological safety.
2. Belkov A. P. Protection of information constituting a state secret as a legal instrument for ensuring military security of the state.
3. Malakhanov A.V. on some issues of influence of planned amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the powers of state authorities on issues of defense and security of the state.
4. Meshchangina E. I. Modern radicalism as a threat factor to the national security of the Russian Federation.
5. Oleinik E. P. Organizational-legal maxims about the role of Regardie in the fight against international terrorism.
6. Tsygankov S. V., Makarenkov A. A. Informational and psychological impact and confrontation on the Internet: regulatory and legal aspects

Administrative law

7. Gladysheva K. A. Competence of customs authorities to carry out proceedings on cases of administrative offenses provided for by Chapter 15 of the administrative Code of the Russian Federation, in terms of execution of administrative penalties.
8. Tsukanov A. S. Prospects for the use of smoothbore firearms in solving official tasks for the protection of public order.

Civil right

9. Ananenko A. O. Some issues of formation of the bases of civil law regulation of the use of unmanned vehicles.
10. Santashov A. L., Kiselev A. S. On some directions of improving the legislation regulating the exercise by the Russian Federation of rights to the results of military and dual-use intellectual activity.
11. Tulyaganova V. A., Malakhanov A.V. Some aspects of legal regulation of relations on the use and disposal of lands under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

Military duty and military service

12. Gavryushenko P. I. Principles and methods of recruitment of the Armed Forces and their relationship with mobilization work.
13. Kalashnikov V. V. Actual issues of social protection of citizens who pass military service not on a military post.
14. Koryakin V. M. The constitutional Court of the Russian Federation specified the limits of application of a measure of responsibility in the form of dismissal in connection with loss of confidence: military-legal aspect.
15. Lapina O. A. Problematic issues of implementation of decisions of draft commissions on conscription of citizens of the Russian Federation for military service.
16. Kharitonov V. S. On the legal regulation of the competition among the subjects of the Russian Federation for the best preparation of citizens for military service.

Training and education

17. Kozlov A.V., Syrtlanov T. M. Professional and legal training of journalists to work in conditions of armed conflict.
18. Fedak E. I., Potyaev P. Yu. Legal training and education of military personnel serving in the Arctic.

Theory and history of state and law

19. Belkov A. P., Dolinin D. N. Historical and legal analysis of the protection of information constituting a state secret.
20. Ovcharov O. A. From ancient to modern history of formation of Church and legal bases of activity of military clergy of Russia (questions of improvement of legal work).
21. Tuganov Yu. N., Aulov V. K. Genesis of arbitration and problems of periodization: 1924-1931.

Prosecutorial and judicial activities

22. Girko S. I., Kharchenko S. V. Some features of Prosecutor's verification of law enforcement.
23. Legkov K. V. Some aspects of the formation of judicial norm control in the field of Bylaw rule-making as an independent type of judicial activity in the military judicial system of Russia.
24. Mamonova M. V. Representation of interests of military administration bodies in arbitration proceedings.
25. Makhyanova R. M. Main directions of improvement and increase of efficiency of tactics of Supervisory activity of the military Prosecutor.
26. Subanova N. V. Administrative-jurisdictional activity of the military Prosecutor the new draft administrative code.

Criminal law and criminology

27. Batyukova V. E. Some measures aimed at countering extremism in the youth environment.
28. Liksunov V. O. Migration crime on the state border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan in the post-Soviet period.
29. Morgulenko E. A., Kharitonov S. S. On decriminalization of part 1 of article 335 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.
30. Parshakov A. S. Certain aspects of research of latent criminality of military personnel in the sphere of illegal drug trafficking.
31. Popov A. A. Actual questions about the age of accomplices in crimes against military service.
32. Smirnov D. V. Conditions for the release of military personnel from criminal liability with the appointment of a court fine: issues of compensation for damage and compensation for damage caused.
33. Shcherbak S. I. About new circumstances excluding criminality of military personnel's actions.

Criminal proceeding

34. Dikarev I. S. Problems of ensuring the admissibility of evidence in the production of urgent investigative actions by the bodies of inquiry of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
35. Slifish M. V. On some issues of implementation of the rights of persons involved in the sphere of criminal proceedings at the stage of initiation of criminal proceedings by the bodies of inquiry of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
36. Sudenko V. E. Special knowledge of the investigator necessary for proving transport crimes.

Military problems of international law

37. Andreev A. F. Terminological dilemmas in normative and legal support activities of the Russian military contingent in the Collective forces of the collective security Treaty Organization.
38. Damaskin O. V. The Nuremberg trial: legal lessons for modernity (to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war).
39. Sibileva O. P. Content of the principles of distinction between civil between populations and combatants and between civilian and military targets in contemporary armed conflicts.
40. Tabarintseva-Romanova K. M. Participation of Italy in the" Blue helmets of culture " structure of UNESCO.
41. Kholikov I. V., Amonuloev Sh. P. Legal regulation of military cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan
42. Chipiga I. V. International legal positioning of the Russian Federation as a sovereign state.
43. Shoev Sh. R. Legal basis for the implementation of the activities of the Armed Forces Republic of Tajikistan within the framework of the CSTO CSR.

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