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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2020г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 2, 2020


Abbreviations index.

Legal support of national security

1. Petrov I. V., Makarov E. V. Some issues of legal regulation of "artificial intelligence" and "Internet of things" technologies in the field of security.
2. Cherniavsky A. G., Oleinik E. P. Basic organizational and legal forms of activity of Regardie to combat international terrorism Military aspects of administrative law.
3. Bulygina I. A. Improvement of legislation on citizens 'appeals and normative legal regulation of work with citizens' appeals in the Federal security service.
4. Glukhov E. A. The peculiarities of military administration: legal aspect.
5. Denisov D. I. Authentic view of the rules of entry (stay) in the border zone by citizens of the Russian Federation.
6. Zaikov D. E. List of corrupt and dangerous positions of employees of military organizations: updated content with old problems.
7. Ovcharov O. A. From ancient to modern history of formation of Church and legal bases of activity of military clergy of Russia (questions of improvement of legal work).

Social guarantees for military personnel

8. Gaidin D. Yu., Kovtkov D. I. On legislative support of housing rights of military personnel who are (were) family members of other military personnel.
9. Ivanov V. Yu. On the issue of attributing real estate acquired within the framework of the accumulative mortgage system of housing for military personnel to jointly acquired.
10. Kholikov I. V., Babaytseva E. S. Some issues of legal regulation of medical support of the national guard troops of the Russian Federation.

Military duty and military service

11. Gavryushenko P. I. Improving the status of reservist — one of the promising directions of institutionalization of military duty.
12. Kalashnikov V. V. Features of the legal status of the chief of the military training center.
13. Lobanov I. M. Military service by adjuncts (doctoral students) in educational organizations of the FSB of Russia: theoretical aspect.
14. Koryakin V. M., Lukashkina Y. V. Alternative civilian service as a form of realization of the constitutional duty to defend the Fatherland.
15. Newengine E. I. Training of military personnel in the interests of national security Russian Federation.
16. Tuganov Yu. N., Bystrov P. G. Problems of protection of the rights of the military personnel dismissed on the basis of the conclusion of certification commissions about their discrepancy to the position held, with the request for their dismissal in connection with non-fulfillment of contract terms.

The military aspects of the civil rights

17. Dikanova T. A. On the problem of ensuring private and public interests in the sphere of foreign trade activity.
18. Ivanov R. V. Sandyreva E. V. Outsourcing of the function of preparing tender documentation for the procurement of goods, works and services for the needs of military organizations: anti-corruption aspect.

Law and order, prosecutorial and judicial activities

19. Dikarev I. S. Questions of improvement of the Instruction on procedural activity of bodies of inquiry of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
20. Kinashenko I. A. Formation and development of the Institute of judicial protection of military personnel's rights.
21. Kirichenko N. S. System of legal regulation of bringing to financial responsibility of military personnel of the national guard of the Russian Federation.
22. Malikov S. V., Muhanova R. M. the Main directions of improving and increasing the effectiveness of the tactics of the Supervisory activities of the military Prosecutor.
23. Kharitonov S. S. On some aspects of bringing military personnel to disciplinary responsibility for committing gross disciplinary offenses (based on the materials of judicial practice).

Criminal law and criminology

24. Dalgatova A. M. Peculiarities of qualification of crimes on transport rail transport.
25. Damaskin O. V. Youth extremism: the criminological aspects of the response.
26. Popov K. I. Lawful infliction of harm in the performance of military service duties.
27. Tarasov M. A. The use of weapons by military personnel in the Commission of violent crimes against the order of subordination.
28. Utlik E. P., Korchagin V. V. Analysis of suicide notes in the psychological examination of suicidal incidents in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
29. Flеute E. F. Legislative regulation of forms and types of guilt.

Military problems of international law

30. Amonulloev Sh. P. Content and structure of military cooperation between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation on a bilateral basis.
31. Bogdanov S. L. Transformation of "operational law" in peacetime operations as a means of ensuring legitimacy when deploying the us armed forces outside the national territory.
32. Sibileva O. P. International legal framework for the protection of the civilian population and civilian objects in the context of contemporary armed conflicts.

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