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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2020г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 1, 2020


Abbreviations index.

Legal support of national security

1. Batyukova V. E. On the question of the correlation between the concepts of terrorism and extremism.
2. Kononov S. A. Actual issues of participation of citizens in the protection of the state border as part of voluntary people's squads and voluntary Cossack squads.
3. Oleynik E. P. Constitutional bases of formation of legislative bases of counteraction to terrorism by troops of national guard of the Russian Federation.
4. Panferova I. A. On the issue of determining the legal status of the state border of the Russian Federation.

Military aspects of administrative law

5. Zemlin A. I., Roshchin S. R. Topical issues of the legal status of the legal service of the national guard troops of the Russian Federation.
6. Mintages S. A. Changes in the law on the military police of the Armed Forces Russian Federation.
7. Tretyakova N. A. Competence of normative legal acts of the Ministry of defense Russian Federation.
8. Shenshin V. M. Concept of administrative and jurisdictional activity of the ROS guard: point of view.

Social guarantees for military personnel, their families, and civilian personnel

9. Zaykov D. E. Differentiation of remuneration of employees of military units and organizations of Federal Executive authorities in which the law provides for military service.
10. Ivanov V. Yu. To the question of the implementation of business or other paid activities by military personnel engaged in renting out residential premises purchased within the framework of the accumulative mortgage system of housing for military personnel.
11. Kalashnikov A. N. Escrow military.
12. Fomin A.V. Some problems in the appointment of payments and benefits to family members of the deceased (deceased) in the performance of military service duties of soldiers of the national guard of the Russian Federation.

Military duty and military service

13. Kalashnikov V. V. Problems of legal regulation of activity of employees of the military training center.
14. Koryakin V. M. Compensation by military personnel of the Federal budget funds spent on their military and special training: problematic issues when dismissed in connection with the Commission of corruption offenses.
15. Lagashkin Yu. V. Improvement of the legislation on alternative civilian service.
16. Fattakhova K. A. On the question of the effect of deferral from conscription in the period of post graduate holidays.

Legal aspects of training and education of military personnel

17. Korchagin V. V. Psychological prevention of suicidal risk in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: legal aspect.
18. Korchagin V. V., Makarenkov A. A. Legal regulation of information and psychological impact on military personnel in order to reduce their suicidal risk.
19. Makarenkov A. A. Legal problems of information and psychological impact on military personnel.
20. Shcherbak S. I., Volodin V. R. Legal culture of military personnel and the main trends of its development.

Law enforcement, judicial, prosecutorial activities

21. Azovtsev A. A. Procedural problems of disciplinary proceedings in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
22. Glushachenko S. B. Military disciplinary offense: historical and legal analysis.
23. Kirichenko N. S. Material responsibility of military personnel: its goals and functions.
24. Likhovidov K. S. Characteristics of the main legal positions in relation to civil servants (military personnel) contained in the decisions of the European Court of human rights.
25. Loginov A.V. Military court of the Republic of Abkhazia: formation, development and problems of functioning.
26. Malikov S. V., R. M. Mahanova. Factors affecting the development of tactics of Supervisory activities of the military Prosecutor.

Criminal law, criminal procedure, operational search activity

27. Abdulmedzhidova D. H., Sudenko V. E. Ethical violations in criminal proceedings.
28. Grigoriev V. N. On some features of the production of inspection of the scene in cases of voluntary surrender of military personnel.
29. Ermolovich Y. N. Relevant issues of qualification insulting a serviceman (article 336 of the criminal code).
30. Nikitin A. N., Amonulloev sh. P. Corruption crime in the performance of the state defense order in the interests of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation (statement of the problem).
31. Petrov I. V., Makarov E. A. Operational search event obtaining computer information as a way to counter extremism and terrorism in cyberspace (legal analysis).

Military problems of international law

32. Zykov M. S. Analysis of the system and powers of the military courts of the United States of America. Comparison with the model of the Russian Federation.
33. Korolkova E. E. On guarantees of observance of the rights of employees of private military and security companies taking part in armed conflicts: comparative legal analysis.
34. Ovcharov A.V. Criminological aspects of the International Committee of the red cross.
35. Rylskaya M. A. Cyberwar: a new look at the problem of semantic and legal identification.
36. Grigoriev A. G., Tuganov Yu. N. Subject of legal interests of the state in the border area.
37. Chernyavsky A. G. Emergence and evolution of international law: multiculturalism, particularism, universalism-classification and terminology.

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