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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2019г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 6, 2019


Index of abbreviations.

Legal support of national security

1. Damaskin O. V. Russia in the XXI century: civilizational approach to strengthening the sovereignty and national security of the modern state
2. Kazakov V. N., Puranen dy national security as an object of legal research.
3. Kozlov A.V. Topical issues of countering modern extremism and terrorism in the sphere of regional security.
4. Kononov S. A. Organizational and legal bases of participation of citizens in ensuring border security of the Russian Federation.
5. Ponomarev A. I. Political and legal model of goal-setting in the sphere of national security of the Russian Federation.

Military aspects of administrative law

6. Boronenkov V. V. Legal regulation of combat unmanned aerial vehicles.
7. Osipenko S. V. Regulatory and legal factors of effective financial support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
8. Redkous V. M. Administrative and legal regulation of training of specialists for Federal Executive authorities.
9. Rybakova M. A. Regulatory and legal regulation in the field of defense as a function of the Ministry of defense of Russia.
10. Smorchkova L. N. Legal regulation of granting to Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and bodies of objects of real estate and other property for the period of performance of service and combat tasks by them.
11. Sensin V. M., Pashanov R. R. peculiarities of interaction of divisions of the licensing system of Regardie while performing the tasks assigned to them.

Social guarantees for servicemen and their families

12. Kovalev V. I., Lomakina T. V. Topical issues of compliance with the procedure for dismissal of military wives when transferring a spouse to a new place of military service to receive social benefits.
13. Rudicheva N. I. Experiences of development of legal culture (on the example of labor relations in the educational organization of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation).
14. Tuganov Yu. N. Departmental regulation of resettlement of citizens from closed military camps (procedural and other issues).

Legal liability of military personnel

15. Azovtsev A. A. Proceedings in cases of administrative offenses in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: problematic issues.
16. Kirichenko N. S. about improvement of the order of attraction of the military personnel to material responsibility.
17. Koryakin V. M. Prohibitions, restrictions and additional duties as a legal means of preventing corruption in the border authorities of the FSB of Russia and in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: comparative legal analysis.
18. Tereshchuk S. S. Bases of legal responsibility of the military personnel for violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation about counteraction of corruption.

Prosecutorial and judicial activities

19. Mamonova M. V. Features of legal regulation of participation of public authorities in arbitration process (on the example of the Ministry of defence of Russia).
20. Kochieva D. V. Powers of the Prosecutor to identify violations of laws criminal-legal sphere (some aspects of systematization).
21. Torbin Yu. G., Usachev A. A. Features of verification of messages on the crimes connected with defects of rendering medical care.
22. Kharitonov S. S. On the judiciary in the context of increasing confidence in it from the outside business entity

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

23. Abdulmedzhidova D. H., Sudenko V. E. Proofs: concept, sources, mechanism of proofs appearance
24. Vladimirov R. V. about some disputable questions arising in judicial practice at consideration of complaints in the order provided by Art. 125 of the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation and ways of their permission.
25. Petrov I. V., Fokin E. I. To the question of ways of realization of operational-search action " obtaining computer information».
26. Sazonova I. G. about application by the commander of military unit of measures of restraint in the exercise of the powers of the body of inquiry.
27. Salgansky N. E. Objects and subjects of international forensic cooperation of the Russian Federation on the issues of forensic documentation Criminal law and criminology.
28. Batyukova V. E. Application of article 159.3 of the criminal code (fraud using payment cards): theory and practice.
29. Nikolaeva Yu. V. Prevention of economic crime: theory and practice.
30. Ovcharov AV Criminal liability for abuse in the implementation of the state defense order.
31. Yushkin I. A. General criminological characteristics, causes, conditions of crimes in the field of forest management.
32. Yasnitsky M. I. Youth extremism as a modern of criminological legal issue.

Military problems of international law

33. Bogdanov S. L. History of formation of legal bases of activity of the military personnel of armed forces of the United States of America performing operations of peace time outside the national territory.
34. Grigoriev A. G. Legal facts, actual composition in the mechanism of legal protection of sovereign rights and jurisdiction of the state.
35. Zemlin A. I., Belov Ya. n. Legal support of application of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation for suppression of the international terrorist activity: national and international levels.
36. Samara V. G. on improvement of international legal registration of the state border of the Russian Federation with the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia.
37. Kharitonov V. S. Organization of the police system (gendarmerie) in the Russian Empire and in France: comparative analysis.
38. Kholikov I. V. Some problematic issues of international legal regulation of the use of unmanned marine systems for military purposes
39. Chernyavsky A. G. Emergence and evolution of international law: multiculturalism, particularism, universalism-classification and terminology Reviews of military law publications.
40. Kholikov I. V. Modern problems of theory and practice of criminal law and criminal procedure.

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