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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2019г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 5, 2019


Index of abbreviations.

Legal support of national security

1. Andreev A. F. Conceptual legal Parallels: "non-traditional military operations" and " involvement of the armed forces to perform tasks using weapons not for their intended purpose».
2. Osipenko S. V. global financial transformation in the context of ensuring economic and financial security of Russia
Theory and history of law.
3. Ntthaev A.A. Formation and development of the system of financial support of the armed Forces of the USSR.
4. Samarov V. M., Kazakov V. N. General legal responsibility as a theoretical and applied basis of the maintenance liability for customs offense.
5. Shishov S. S. Retrospective historical analysis of the issues of criminal prosecution for violation of the rules of navigation.

Military aspects of administrative law

6. Aseev A. G. Exclusive powers of the Federal service of the national guard troops of the Russian Federation.
7. Azovtsev A. A. Principles of administrative and procedural activities to ensure law and order in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
8. Verdyan A. A. Issues of bringing to administrative responsibility in case of violation of the order of movement of goods at checkpoints across the State border of the Republic of Armenia and the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union.
9. Svininykh E. A. Legal position of the reference Bank for the military-industrial complex.

Military service. Social guarantees of servicemen

10. Glukhov E. A. the arrogance of the chiefs in the form of insults subordinates or ways to protect the dignity of a soldier.
11. Zaykov D. E. Right cadets on weekly rest.
12. Ilyin Y. A. Allowance and the material support for servicemen of Air and space forces in conducting a military operation in Syria.
13. Kirichenko N. S., Bogdanov S. L. Correlation of the legal status of Russian and US servicemen (on the example of liability).
14. Lagashkina Y. V. To the issue of appeals against decisions of draft boards refuse to replace military service on call with alternative civil service.
15. Meshchangina E. I. Features of military-professional training of cadets at the present stage of development of the Russian Federation.
16. Tuganov Yu. N., Aulov V. K., Reshetnikov V. N. Administrative and legal regulation of housing rights of citizens dismissed from military service and subject to resettlement from closed military towns.
17. Kharitonov V. S. legal regulation of the functioning of educational items as part of the mandatory training of citizens for military service.
18. Kharitonov S. S. Of foreign passports for military personnel to travel on private business.

Prosecutorial activities. Combating corruption

19. Ivanov R. V., Koryakin V. M. Registers of "unreliable persons" as a tool for preventing corruption in the procurement of goods, works and services for the needs of military organizations
20. Mahanova R. M. Tactics as an integral part of the Prosecutor's supervision
21. Tereshchuk S. S. on the issue of improving the effectiveness of the implementation of the military Prosecutor's office of supervision of observance by military personnel of the legislation on anti-corruption
22. Kharchenko S. V. Some features of Prosecutor's supervision over operational-search activity

Criminal law and criminal procedure. Criminology

23. Demchuk S. D. on improving the provisions of the law on criminal liability for treason and espionage
24. Douga A. A., Sudenko, V. E. Procedural status of an expert and specialist in criminal proceedings
25. Parshakov A. V. About the some historical and legal aspects of latent criminality servicemen

Military problems of international law

26. Amonuloev W. P. Genesis of legal relations in the field of military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan
27. Ovcharov A.V., Kozlov A. V. Application of lethal Autonomous weapons systems require criminal-legal regulation
28. Skovorodko A. V. Network-centric warfare and international projects class "magicians" (analysis of foreign practice of regulation of big data dual-purpose).
29. Taradonov S. V., Baraz A. S. Problems of reforming the Turkish Armed Forces at present stage.

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