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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2019г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 4, 2019


Index of abbreviations.

Legal support of national security

1.Abdullaev R. O. National features of creation of illegal armed formations in the territory of the North Caucasus Federal district.
2. Osipenko S. V. Legal aspects of financial security in the implementation of the State armament program.

Theory and history of military law

3. Garnovskii A. A. Certification as part of the acquisition of Russian army personnel (historical review: the middle of the XVIII — the end of the XX century.)
4. Ilyin Y. A. allowance and the material support for servicemen during the great Patriotic war.
5. Sazonova I. G. On the procedural powers of the military command during the civil war and the final registration of the armed forces of the proletarian state.
6. Tsibizova N. A., German E. S. Legal status of missing servicemen during the great Patriotic war.
7. Shamarov V. M. Public legal relations as a subject of the theory of state and law.

Military aspects of administrative law

8. Verkhovodov V. A. On the peculiarities of the legal regime of closed military towns.
9. Kazakov V. N. Scientific basis of service law.
10. Kirichenko N. C. Simplification of the procedure for bringing military personnel to financial responsibility.
11. Lagashkina Yu. V. Alternative civil service as a special type of labour activity.
12. Mikhailov A. S. the Concept and content of departmental control over procedural activities in the border agencies of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation.
13. Ovcharov A. O. Features of Patriotic education of the troops with the participation of chaplains and the problem of their legal regulation (the issues of improving legal work in the army).
14. Kharitonov V. S. About the pupils of the military orchestras in the aspect of voluntary training of citizens for military service: legal aspects.

Military aspects of environmental and land law

15. Lomakina T. V., Feoktistova O. Yu. Legal regulation of transfer of defense and security lands for temporary civil use.
16. Mechangina E. I. Ecological safety of military activities as an integral part of the national security of the Russian Federation

Social guarantees for servicemen, citizens dismissed from military service and their families

17. Glukhov E. A., Koryakin V. M. Obtaining permanent housing in the chosen place of residence as the basis for the loss of the right to service housing at the place of military service: controversial issues.
18. Zorin O. L., Konovalov A. Yu. Medical and psychological rehabilitation of servicemen: problematic issues in law enforcement and judicial practice.
19. Kovalev V. I., Lomakina T. V. the Essence of the reform of the pension legislation in the Russian Federation and the change of the conditions of appointment of the second (insurance) pension to dismissed from military service citizens.
20. Moiseev D. V. Legal aspects of housing relations of servicemen.
21. Kharitonov S. S. About payment of official salaries to cadets of higher education institutions.

Law enforcement, judicial and prosecutorial activities

22. Azovtsev A. A. Procedural activity of commanders (chiefs) on ensuring legality and a law and order in Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: theoretical aspect
23. Kazakov V. N., Tuganov Yu. N. Discipline and disciplinary responsibility of military personnel in the public sphere: the ratio of concepts
24. Loboda A. B., Norenko I. V. Ways of improvement of legislation in the field of implementation of the function of the Russian state on law enforcement in the Armed forces of The Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and bodies.
25. Mahanova R. M. Theoretical and methodological aspects of tactics application in the Prosecutor's activities.
26. Snurnitsyn N. Features of the legal status of an assistant judge of the Federal court of General jurisdiction — a graduate of the military training center at the Russian state University of justice.
27. Sudenko, V. E. Challenges to law enforcement on detection and investigation organized crime.

Legal problems of combating corruption

28. Amanaliev W. P. Criminological characteristics of the personality of criminal-corrupt.
29. Batyukova V. E. Problems of combating corruption in Russia.
30. Zaykov D. E. Protection of persons who reported corruption offenses: the need and prospects in the context of legal relations of military activities.
31. Tereshchuk S. S. the Implementation of the military Prosecutor's office supervision over the observance of military prohibitions and restrictions established in order to combat corruption.

Criminal law and criminology

32. Damaskin O. V. Topical issues of improvement of criminal and criminal procedure legislation.
33. Liksunov V. O. measures Of criminal legislation applied by the border authorities to counter illegal migration across the state border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
34. Onokolov U. P. the Main theoretical aspects of the process of formation of motivation of crimes committed by military personnel.

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

35. Barkalova E. V., Stryukova E. N. On the issue of determining the grounds for refusal to initiate criminal proceedings or termination of criminal proceedings.
36. Vladimirov R. V. On the issue of resolving a civil claim in criminal proceedings, when the subject of fraud is housing.
37. Ermolovich Y. N., Chestnov N. E. About the issues of compensation of harm caused by illegal criminal prosecution.
38. Kurasheva A. G., Sudenko, V. E. Fairness in the criminal process.
39. Shishov S. S. On the question of the possibility of the existence of a private forensic characteristics of violations of the rules of navigation.

Military problems of international law

40. Ovcharov A. V. Legal assessment of the activities of "White helmets».
41. Kholikov I. V., Zanevskaya N. International legal regulation on the treatment of the bodies of soldiers killed in armed conflict.

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