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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2019г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 3, 2019


Index of abbreviations.

Legal support of national security

1. Akanaev Ya. S. About some legal problems in the legal framework governing the activities of border authorities to combat external military dangers on the ways of international communication.
2. Belyaev N. N., Sekulic V. F. the system of scientific research in the field of security national security of the country and the creation of conditions for the implementation of the results.
3. Damaskin O. V., Kholikov I. V. Actual questions of legal support of armed struggle in the conditions of modern strategic and political realities.

Theory of law

4. Kazakov V. N., Shamarov V. M. Discipline in the context of legality.
5. Potapov M. G. Terrorism and extremism: problems of understanding.
6. Taradonov S. V. Theoretical and legal aspects of military legal relations in wartime and in combat situation.
7. Fomichenko M. P. Constitutional and legal model of the Russian nation.

Military aspects of administrative law

8. Mintagov S. A. Concept and system of legal regulation of the activities of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
9. Pichugin D. G. Problems of application by officials of border authorities of some measures of ensuring production on cases of administrative offenses concerning the citizens who are in a state of intoxication.
10. Reshetnikov V. N., Voronin D. V. Administrative procedures in the implementation of the right to housing of servicemen and citizens dismissed from military service as a means of reducing the corruption of the military administration.

Civil, financial and legal aspects of military law

11. Zaikov D. E. Legal regulation of participation of military personnel, employees of the Federal fire service of the State fire service and civil servants of the EMERCOM of Russia in the management of non-profit organizations.
12. Kiselev N. P. Appeal to the income of the Russian Federation of military property in connection with the violation of anti-corruption legislation: problems of theoretical and legal justification.
13. Moiseev D. V. Legal aspects of international transport with the participation of military personnel.
14. Trofimov M. V. Legal features of military organizations as subjects financial relations.

Military duty and military service

15. Kalashnikov V. V. the Order of wearing special and military uniforms, symbols, insignia in military training centers needs legislative consolidation.
16. Malakhanov A.V. Some aspects of reimbursement of the Federal budget by citizens expelled from military training centers at Federal state educational institutions of higher education.
17. Skrynnik A. M. assignment of the next military ranks of reserve officers in certification order: the problems of law enforcement.
18. Sokolov Ya. O. Basic violations of the rights of conscripts when considering applications for replacement of military service of alternative civil.
19. Kharitonov V. S. About preparation of citizens of military age for military service in scientific companies: legal aspects.

Status and social guarantees of servicemen, citizens discharged from military service and their families

20. Egorov E. V., Koryakin V. M. Pension provision of the persons who passed military service and other types of public service: comparative legal research.
21. Ilyin Yu. A. Monetary allowances of servicemen during the First world war.
22. Ikmeneikin P. V. the Right to health protection and medical care of servicemen and persons equated to medical support to the military, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
23. Luzhin K. N. Requirements to the candidate for the position of judge of the military court and peculiarities of its legal status in the Russian Federation and CIS member States.
24. Osipenko S. V. Organizational and legal priorities of reforming the compulsory state insurance of life and health of servicemen.
25. Tereshchuk S. S. Ensuring by military prosecutors of garrisons of the Central military district of legality in the sphere of pension and labor rights.
26. Trofimov E. N. On the issue of re-housing some categories of soldiers and their families on the terms of delivery of previously received housing.

Military training and education

27. Glukhova E. A. The Autonomy and initiative of soldiers in a combat situation.
28. Meshangina E. I. Formation of spiritual and moral values of servicemen in the context of legal relations of military activity.
29. Ovcharov A. O., peculiarities of the liturgical activities of chaplains and some problems of its legal application in the military (issues of improving legal work).

Criminal law and criminology

30. Batukova V. E., Kozlov A. V. To the question of the definition of government measures aimed at counteracting legalization of proceeds of crime.
31. Eremin M. Yu. Crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking in the system of military dangers, threats to national security.
32. Yermolovich I. N., Chestnov N. E. Qualification of the abuse of official powers connected with infringement of sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of the subordinate serviceman made by officials of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
33. Liksunov V. O. Characteristics of persons who have committed crimes in the field of illegal migration across the state border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
34. Rumyantseva I. V. Classification of typical and typical mechanisms of crimes against military service.
35. Subanova N. V., Vorontsov A. A. Protection of the rights of business entities by criminal law means: issues of prosecutorial and Supervisory practice.
36. Kharitonov S. S. About legality and justice of criminal prosecution for illegal receipt by the serviceman of the apartment.

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

37. Abdyrov A. M. the revival of the procedural powers of bodies of inquiry Armed Forces Of The Kyrgyz Republic.
38. Antonov O. A. Truth in criminal proceedings.
39. Zhavoronkov V. A. Features of the modern approach to the solution of problems of examination of marking designations of vehicles.
40. Parshakov A. S. To a question of features of investigation of the crimes of the military personnel connected with traffic safety.

Military problems of international law. Foreign military legislation

41. Ageev A. A. Legal nature of decisions of bodies of sectoral cooperation of the CIS in the spheres of defense and state security.
42. Andreev A. F. Current legal issues of the humanitarian dimension military security in the model legislation of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
43. Gornovsky A. A. Foreign experience of legal regulation of certification of military personnel.
44. Sulakov R. M. State Security in the context of the implementation of the principle territorial integrity and the right of peoples to self-determination.

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