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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2019г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 2, 2019


Index of abbreviations.

Legal support of national security

1. Ageev A. A. International legal and military-legal dimension of state security
2. Lelikov-Kuzmenko O. V. Military-technical activities of the border bodies
3. Musin F. S., Fadeev N. B. Differentiation of the Arctic in the context of border and military security of Russia: international legal and military-historical aspects
4. Smorchkova L. N. Ensuring economic security and administrative regulation of the economy: problems of correlation and development prospects

Theory of law

5. Ponomarev A. I. documents of goal-setting in the legal system of Russia
6. Shamarov V. M. Types of public legal relations

Military aspects of administration and law

7. Glazunov I. V., Chirkin A. A. Development of the Institute's examination as a means of dealing with administrative offenses
8. Glukhov, E. A. The Effectiveness of bureaucratic management
9. Guzowaty I. The Border authorities of the Federal security service as the subject of crime prevention in the field of protection of State border of the Russian Federation
10. Dushkin V. I., Shcherbak S. I. On the objectives of the management activities of commanders in the management of the use of weapons
11. Kanarev T. H. the Legal nature of the official border of the organ as an entity
12. Tuganov Yu. N., Skorobogatov M. V. Military-administrative status of border guard officer

Civil, financial and legal aspects of military law

13. Boronenkov V. Military Department as the system of legal entities: concept, essence and legal nature
14. Plotnikov D. M., Rhine A. A. Features of use of the Federal information resource "Bank accounts" at carrying out the Supervisory actions directed on check of reliability of reflection in references of the income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character of data on Bank accounts, the income received on deposits on them
15. Trofimov M. V. Topical issues of participation of military organizations in budgetary legal relations

Military service. Civilian labour

16. Zaikov D.E. Features of legal regulation of the order of remuneration of labor heads of military organizations
17. Skrynnik, A. M. Assignment of military rank (a special rank, class rank) when changing the type of public service and activity: some problems of enforcement
18. Sokolov Ya. O. Alternative civilian service and the right to housing
19. Kharitonov V. S. on some aspects of the functioning of voluntary training of citizens for military service

Social guarantees for servicemen, citizens dismissed from military service and their families

20. Gusarova N. Modern views On the legal status of military personnel
21. Ilyin Y. A. history of the development of the system of money allowances for servicemen in the Russian Empire during the Patriotic war of 1812
22. Ilmeneykin P. V. a Small study of objective and subjective reasons for the decline in the level of social protection of veterans of military service and labour veterans
23. Koryakin V. M. Provisions of the legislation on social support of families of the lost military personnel will be corrected
24. About some contradictions of practice of application of part 15 of article 3 of the Federal law " about the monetary allowance of the military personnel and providing them separate payments»

Theory and practice of legal liability

25. Ivanov V. Yu., Trubitsyna V. A. Legal responsibility of organizations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of defense of Russia for failure to take measures to combat corruption
26. Taranenko V. V., Kharitonov S. S. Material responsibility of servicemen: issues of practice and legality
Judicial and prosecutorial activities
27. Voronov A. F. about the order of consideration of administrative cases by military courts in the light of innovations of the procedural legislation
28. Kotov A. A. Ways of increase of efficiency of protection by the military Prosecutor of economic interests of the state in civil legal proceedings
29. Mahianova R.M. The Order of formation and classification of tactical methods of Supervisory activity of the military Prosecutor
30. Tuganov Yu. N., Aulov V. K. Commissioner for human rights and the judiciary: the practice of interaction in the subjects of the Russian Federation

Criminal law and criminology

31. Magomedov G. B., Ahmedjanova S. B., Ahmedjanova S. B., Kobolev K. H. Criminological characteristics of crimes committed in the sphere of information technologies
32. Bolotova E. D. Criminal liability for destruction and damage to cultural heritage during the conduct of armed conflicts: international legal standards and national peculiarities of its regulation
33. Borisov A.V. Genesis of the concept "murder" in the domestic legislation
34. Damaskin O. V. Transnational organized crime in the XXI century: Genesis and problems of research
35. Dolzhikov R. S., Telegina E. G. absence without leave and desertion: the problem of development and differentiation
36. Ovcharov A.V. Criminal liability in the sphere of public procurement as a novel of the Russian criminal legislation
37. Sudenko V. E. Illegal armed groups and exposure of persons participating in them

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

38. Makogon, A. A., residence of the person as a consideration in making the decision about election of a measure of restraint in form of detention: the problem of enforcement
39. Nikolaeva T. G., Tymoshenko I. M. Proceedings on the appointment of measures of criminal law in the form of a judicial fine: problems of law enforcement
40. Sotnikova V. V., Bunin K. A. Investigation of crimes committed with the use of computer technologies: today and tomorrow

Military problems of international law. Foreign military legislation

41. Gornovsky A. A. legal regulation of certification military personnel in the US and Britain
42. Verbitskaya T. V. Us Action against the inf treaty: a new challenge to the nuclear nonproliferation regime?
43. Samarov P. V. Political-legal regulation of peacemaking France

Reviews of military law publications

44. Ovcharov A. O. the Legal basis for the functioning of the military clergy: a global regulatory experience (issues of improvement of legal work)

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