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Koryakin Viktor Mikhailovich
doctor of law, Professor

Born on February 18, 1958 in the Gorky region. In 1979 he graduated from the Leningrad higher military-political school of air defense, in 1992-the Humanitarian Academy of the Armed Forces, in 1997-an adjunct of the Military University, specialty "Military law". From 1975 to 2008, he served in the Armed Forces in various positions, including more than 10 years – in senior positions in the legal service of the Ministry of defense of Russia. Colonel of justice in reserve.
In 1998. in the dissertation Council at the Military University he defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of juridical Sciences on the theme "the Legal basis for military social work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation", and in 2005 in the dissertation Council of the Russian Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation has defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of doctor of legal Sciences on the subject "Legal support of the military social policy of the Russian Federation". Since September 2006. he works as a Professor of the Department of military administration, administrative and financial law of the Military University, and since August 2008 – at the Law Institute of the Russian University of transport (MIIT) as Deputy Director for innovation and head of the Department of "Civil law, international private law and civil procedure".
He is a member of the special expert Council of the Ministry of education and science, as well as a member of the Council for the award of scientific degrees of candidate and doctor of science in the scientific specialty 20.02.03 (Military University) and in the scientific specialty 12.00.11 (University of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation). As a scientific supervisor he prepared 21 candidates of legal Sciences, including 18-in the scientific specialty 20.02.03-Military law, military problems of international law.
Author of more than 500 scientific, educational and methodical works on various aspects of military, administrative, civil, transport law, social security law, including:
- Military and social policy of the Russian Federation: problems of legal regulation: monograph. M., 2003;
- Тhe right of social security of the military personnel, citizens dismissed from military service, and members of their families: textbook. M., 2005;
- Comment to the Federal law "on veterans". M., 2006,
- Commentary on the Law of the Russian Federation "About provision of pensions of the persons passing military service...". M., 2007;
- Work with citizens in the organizations of railway transport: scientific and practical guide. M., 2008;
- Corruption in the Armed Forces: theory and practice of counteraction: monograph. M., 2009;
- Anti-corruption in the civil service: textbook. M., 2009;
- Enforcement proceedings in civil cases in military organizations. M., 2010;
- Anti-corruption in public procurement for defense and military security needs: monograph. M., 2014;
- Аnti-corruption In the Russian Federation: textbook. Voronezh, 2014;
- The housing support of servicemen]. M., 2014;
- Non-Military sanctions against Russia: monograph. M., 2015;
- Military administration: textbook. M., 2015;
- Civil liability of the parties to the state contract: monographs. 2017;
- Military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: theoretical, legal and practical aspects of activity: scientific and practical guide. M., 2018;
- Comment to the Federal law "on the status of servicemen". M., 2018;
- Psychological aspects of legal consulting: monograph. M., 2018;
- Military law: textbook. M., 2019;
- Military-administrative law. M., 2019, etc.
For merits in legal support and in training of legal personnel the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of August 8, 2006 is awarded the order of Honor; besides, it is awarded more than 10 departmental medals, including: "for military valor" 2 degrees, "for strengthening of the fighting Commonwealth", "for faultless service" 3 degrees, "for difference in military service" 1 and 2 degrees, "for labor valor".

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