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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2019г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 1, 2019


Index of abbreviations.

History of military law

1. Artamonova S. N., Namm G. M. About domestic experience of legal regulation of recruitment of positions of judges of military courts.
2. Mechangina E. I. Military courts in the development of domestic legislation: history and modernity.
3. Ovcharov O. A. To history of legal regulation of activity of military clergy (questions of improvement of legal work).

Legal support of national defense and state security

4. Andreev A. F. The Ratio of the provisions of the Military doctrine of the Russian Federation with the international obligations of Russia to collective defense.
5. Wasilchenko S. V. Interaction of border authorities With the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the sphere of protection of national interests of the Russian Federation in the border space.
6. Verbitskaya T. V. Legal mechanisms of military and nuclear security: problems of correlation.
7. Perchina A. V. The principles of the use of weapons by military personnel in the implementation of law enforcement activities.

Military aspects of administrative and financial law

8. Bulygina I.A. Concept, content, functions of the right to appeal to the military organization of the Russian Federation and types of appeals
9. Glukhov E. A. About serving in government.
10. Zhuravlev S. I., Koryakin V. M. Administrative regulation of activity of military pension bodies.
11. Zaykov D. E. Institute of consideration of citizens ' appeals: new application in civil law relations.
12. Sokolov Ya. O. The Main irregularities in the proceedings against citizens who withhold information, the military account in a military Commissariat.
13. Trofimov M. V. Financial relations with the participation of military organizations.
14. Tuganov Yu. N. Features of production on cases of administrative offenses in customs activity in the conditions of the Eurasian economic Union.
15. Kharitonov V. S. On improving the system of training citizens for military service.

Training, recruitment of military organizations by personnel

16. Kalashnikov V. V. How to enter the military training center?
17. Kremins'kyi M. N. Improving the legal framework of activities for search and primary selection of citizens for the vacant posts of Federal Executive authorities.
18. Lobanov I. M. Legal analysis of the status of associate and doctoral students of educational organizations of FSB of Russia.
19. Parshakov A. S. To the question of formation of legal bases of military and political work in the Armed Forces Of the Russian Federation.
20. Romanov S. S. Legal basis of personnel selection of officers of the Russian Army.
21. Kharitonov S. S. On some organizational and legal aspects of vocational training of military personnel.

Social guarantees for military personnel and their families

22. Alexandrova N. G., Kirichenko N. S. Some problematic issues of pensions for persons serving in the military.
23. Voronin D. V. Information support of functioning of accumulative and mortgage system of housing provision of the military personnel
24. Ilyin Yu. A. Monetary allowances of servicemen in the period from 2007 to 2012.
25. Ilmeneikin P. V. About some objective and subjective reasons for the decline in the level of social protection of veterans of military service and labour veterans.
26. Potapov M. G. Legal problems of providing the military with premises.
27. Svininih E. E. about refinancing of the mortgage loan which is earlier received by the participant of the accumulative mortgage system of housing provision of the military personnel.

Theory and practice of legal liability

28. Alexandrova N. G., Kirichenko N. S. On the procedural legislation governing the consideration by courts of cases on the liability of military personnel and the legal nature of such cases.
29. Koryakin V. M. "Digitalization" of public relations and its influence on the state of corruption in the military organization of the state.
30. Kurasheva A. G. Responsibility: the concept and purpose of.
31. Polunin S. V., Skrigun A. D. of strengthening the stimulating function of the disciplinary practices: legal aspects.
32. Tuganov Yu. N. Evaluation of guilt and the algorithm of data fixation in the course of inspections for the presence of intent in the actions of legal entities in the Commission of administrative offenses.

Prosecutorial activities

33. Danilova N. V. Grigorieva M. A. About some aspects of the analysis by the Prosecutor of materials of criminal case of illegal business.
34. Islamova E. R., Klyueva K. I. Activities of military prosecutors to ensure the rule of law in the environmental sphere.
35. Mahanova R. M. Should Not be confused with prosecutorial tactics with the tactics of the investigation.
36. Serova E. B. Spasov M. A. The features of the opening statement of the military Prosecutor in court With the participation of jurors
Criminal law and criminology.
37. Borisov A.V. Problematic issues of qualification of personal interest and other abuse of official powers.
38. Damasin O. V. Topical issues of formation of criminal and legal policy in the sphere of national security of Russia.
39. Yermolovich Ya. N. Topical issues of qualification of violation of the statutory rules of relations between servicemen in the absence of subordination relations between them (article 335 of the criminal code).
40. Shcherbak S. I. Improvement of criminal liability for violation of the rules of the border service in connection with changes in the legislation.

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

41. Elagina, E. V. Expert opinion in the evidence.
42. Zhavoronkov V. A. The structure and content of the system of information support of judicial examination of marking designations of vehicles.
43. Larenkov A. A., Shiplyuk V. A. The problems of The use of the results of the criminal investigation as a reason and grounds For the initiation of criminal proceedings.
44. Lyulin O. S., Ivanov V. V. Tactical and criminalistic provision of investigative activities of border authorities.
45. Sotnikova V. V., Rakhimov O. A. Investigation of criminal cases against certain categories of persons: questions and problems.
46. Torbin Yu. G., Usachev A. A., report the crime as a pretext for the pre-trial.
47. Shishov S. S. Typical investigative versions in the investigation of violations of the rules of navigation. Features of planning.

Military problems of international law

48. Ageev A. A. Some international legal problems of suppression of the state and interstate terrorism against the background of the next escalation of the situation in the black sea region.
49. Kobets P. N., Krasnova K. A. Modern trends in international cooperation of law enforcement agencies of Russia and South Africa in the field of counteraction to drug crime.
50. Liksunov V. O. Topical issues of combating illegal migration across the state border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
51. Sudenko V. E. international cooperation of law enforcement agencies in the fight against organized crime.
52. Samarov P. V. Problems of Russia's participation in the practice of UN peacekeeping.

Reviews of military legal publications

53. Bagdasaryan I. A., Shurygina Yu. A. Significant contribution to the educational and methodological support of the military and legal education in the Russian Federation.
54. Filippova M. Yu. Professional legal consulting requires a thorough psychological training.

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