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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2018г.




Index of abbreviations

Theory and history of military law

1. Baghdasaryan I. A., Koryakin V. M. Military law and military policy: correlation of concepts.
2. Mintyagov S. A. Historical and legal bases of formation and activity of military police of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Legal support of national security

3. Kartashova I. B.Modern system of military security of the Russian Federation.
4. Lifantseva O. V. About the directions of border activity in the sphere of ensuring military security of the Russian Federation on the ways of the international communication.
5. Tuganov Yu. N. Cross-border cooperation of the Russian Federation in the context of state security.

Military aspects of administrative law

6. Glukhov E. A. Specificity of manifestation of bureaucratic relations in military formations.
7. Ivanov D. A. Execution of the function of state control (supervision) in the implementation of naval activities by the border authorities and its legal support.
8. Knyazeva E. V. To the question of legal regulation of relations on the provision of public services in electronic form (for example, the state service for issuing permits for entry (passage) of persons and vehicles into the border zone).
9. Chulanov S. M. Procedural terms in law enforcement activities of border authorities.

Military duty and military service

10. Koryakin V. M., Pavlova V. A. Professional development and retraining of military personnel: problems of legal regulation.
11. Sokolov Ya. O. The right to alternative civil service and problems of its realization.
12. Kharitonov V. S. About pupils of military units in the context of voluntary training of citizens for military service: legal aspects.

Social guarantees for military personnel and their families

13. Zaykov D. E. Savings and mortgage system of housing for servicemen: do spouses of servicemen expect radical changes?
14. Ivanov V. Yu. On the issue of double provision of housing for participants of the accumulative-mortgage system of housing for servicemen.
15. Ilyin Yu. A. Military pay for the period from 2007 to 2012.
16. Martirosyan V. S., Filippov M. I. Legal regulation of the preferential right to employment and abandonment of spouses of military personnel with a reduction in the number or staff of employees.
17. Tereshchuk S. S., Korobkov V. S. Topical legal issues arising in the field of practical implementation of the rights of family members of officers dismissed from military service to receive preferential medical care.
18. Shurygina, Yu. A. Savings and mortgage system as a promising form of housing for soldiers.

Legal aspects of financial and economic activity

19. Smorchkova L. N. Diversification of the military-industrial complex in the development of the Russian economy: legal regulation.
20. Tishchenko A. G. Initial (maximum) price of the state contract and value added tax: peculiarities of legal regulation and practical application.
21. Trofimov M. V. The problem of financial and legal status of military organizations in modern Russian law
Prosecutorial activities.
22. Danilova N. V., Nikolaeva T. G. Analysis and evaluation by the Prosecutor of the search Protocol.
23. Kolomiets E. V. Procedural decisions of the Prosecutor on the formation of the accusatory thesis and the order of the prosecution in pretrial proceedings.
24. Karachentsova S. I. Efficiency of Prosecutor's supervision of execution of the town-planning legislation on the lands of the Ministry of defence of Russia.
25. Kuzmin E. A. Appeal to the Prosecutor against the actions and decisions of the preliminary investigation bodies as a means of protecting the rights and freedoms of the individual in criminal proceedings.
26. Mahanova R. M. Tactical methods of supervision of the military Prosecutor and their classification.
27. Panfilovа E. I. Activities of the Prosecutor's office in the field of protection of the rights of citizens involved in the joint construction.
28. Kharitonov S. S. About the personnel policy and the moral characteristics of military prosecutors in the context of ensuring the legality of the decisions taken in the implementation of the supervision and performance of other functions.

Combating corruption

29. Baranenkova I. V. Simplified procedure for bringing a serviceman to disciplinary responsibility for corruption offenses.
30. Tuganov Yu. N., Aulov V. K. The prevention of corruption in the regional legislation with the use of an independent expert examination of drafts of regulatory legal acts.

Criminal law and criminology

31. Borisov, A.V. About some aspects of subjective signs of abuse and abuse of official powers.
32. Damaskin O. V. Topical issues of criminal law science in the conditions of us sanctions aggression.
33. Makarov D. B. Criminal-legal characteristic of non-execution of the order by the military personnel.
34. Ovcharov A. V. Private military companies: criminal law aspect.
35. Onokolov Yu. P. The ever-increasing drug-related crime of soldiers, sergeants and officers serving under contract requires appropriate measures.
36. Petrov I. V. Some features of bringing legal entities to responsibility for extremism.
37. Popov K. I. Positive criminal liability and lawful infliction of harm.
38. Sotnikov V. V., Gorokhovsky A. A. Influence of social networks of the Internet on crime in the Russian Federation.
39. Tereshchuk S. S., Yushkin, I. A. Problems of criminal liability for violation of forest management rules.
40. Khoperskov D. V. The main directions of innovative development of crime prevention against constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen committed with the use of information technology.

Criminal procedure and criminalistics

41. Antonov O. A. Evidence in criminal proceedings and operational investigative activities.
42. Serov V. E.Some questions of initiation of criminal proceedings and the organization of the initial stage of investigation of administrative crimes in the sphere of military-industrial complex.
43. Sudenko V. E. Student-forensic properties of the subjects of organized crime.
44. Shishov S. S. Typical investigative situations in the investigation of violations of the rules of navigation.

Military problems of international law

45. Ageev A. A. Some international legal aspects of another air disaster over the Mediterranean sea.
46. Anischenko E. V. Prevention of regional border conflicts of a military nature.
47. Verbitskaya T. V. Is the preventive self-defence of a state in the event of the use of nuclear weapons against it legitimate?
48. Kolyada V. A. About strengthening of influence of the United States of America on the Republic of Kazakhstan to the detriment of security of the Russian Federation.
49. Samarov P. V. Improvement of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of peacekeeping.

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