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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2018г.




Legal support of national security

1. Grigorev A.G. The emergence of a system of legal protection of legitimate interests of the Russian Federation in the border sphere.
2. Losevа S.N. Ensuring that convicts exercise their freedom of conscience as a basis security in the institutions of the penal correction system.
3. Maslennikov E.E. About some actual problems of preparation of forces and means of law enforcement agencies to actions at emergence of emergency.
4. Nikonovich S.L. Russia's military security in modern conditions.

Administrative law

5. Borisov A.S. The essence of administrative and jurisdictional activity of servicemen border agencies of the Federal security service.
6. Glukhov E.A. The effective management of subordinate military commander formation and the need to assess its management impact.
7. Kharitonov S.S. Influence of military and political work on the legality of the troops: legal aspect.

The military aspects of the civil rights

8. Egorov A.P. Role and place of aircraft in the system of real estate objects.
9. Koryakin V.M. Costs of civil airports for the provision of services related to with ensuring flights of military aircraft, are subject to compensation at the expense of means of the Federal budget.

Material support of military personnel and military organizations

10. Verhovodov V.A. Formation and development of legislation on the development of military camps.
11. Zaykov D.E. Corporate property tax and transport tax: whether to pay military organizations?
12. Ilyin Yu.A. Military pay in modern Russia.
13. Pork E.A. About implementation of the right to housing of the military personnel (citizens, dismissed from military service), who are not participants in the savings and mortgage system of housing, but are married to them.

Military duty and military service

14. Zorin O.L. Training of Russian citizens for military service on the basis of military-Patriotic education: some issues of improvement Russian Federation legislation.
15. Kapitonov E.A. Influence of the factor of drug use on the legal status serviceman's.
16. Petrov I.V. Conflict of interests in military service as a possibility of occurrence extremist activity.
17. Kharitonov V.S. Professional psychological selection in military specialties: legal regulation.

Anti-corruption in the military organization of the state

18. Bogunova A.A. Notification on the facts of appeal to members in order of declination them to commit corruption offences, as one of the measures the prevention of corruption.
19. Ivanov R.V. About improvement of the order of attraction of the military personnel to responsibility for corruption offenses.
20. Tuganov Yu.N., Villages V.K. Shchukin A.G. Corruption offence and disciplinary offence of a judge: the relationship
between the concepts.

Legal regulation of scientific and educational activities

21. Kandybko N.V., Parshikov S.A. On the issue of improving the legal framework for the organization of scientific and technical expertise of the results of scientific and technical activities in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
22. Mahanova R.M. The skills of the prosecutorial tactics of the cadets of military educational organization.
23. Mewengine E.I. Legal education as a factor of formation of law-abiding behavior of cadets of military educational organizations.

Criminal law, criminal procedure, criminalistics

Antonov O.A. Proof in criminal procedure and operational-search activities.
Zhavoronkov V.A. Features forensically marking designations of vehicles of foreign brands collected in Russia.
The Nikonovich S.L. Problematic aspects of the qualification of crimes provided for art 346 – 348 of the criminal code.
Sotnikovа V.V., Bunin K.A. On the issue of expediency of administrative and criminal liability for insulting the feelings of believers.
Shishov S.S. Features of the production of interrogation in the investigation of violations rules of navigation.

Military problems of international law. Foreign legislation

Ovcharov A.O. Concept and signs of military clergy (spiritual personnel) international humanitarian law (improvement issues legal work in the army).
Subanova A.B. Freedom of Assembly: topical issues of legal regulation and implementation.

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