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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2018г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 3, 2018


Legal support of national security of the Russian Federation

1. Damaskin O.V. Modern legal aspects of military security of Russia.
2. Sudenko V.E. Factors influencing political and military security of the country.

History of military law and military law

3. Newengine E.I. Historical view of the process of formation and development of the Russian judicial-legal system in the period of bourgeois reforms in the second half of the XIX century.
4. Novikova O.V. Who are military lawyers in Russia?
5. Sologub D.P. Legal regulation of migration processes in the Russian Federation: historical retrospective.
6. Torbin Yu.G. Formation and development of the procedural status of the investigator in the Russian criminal process.
7. Fadeev N.V., Skulakov R.M. Military-legal aspects of demarcation of the Arctic as the basis for ensuring the military and border security of the Russian state in the region (second half of XIV — XVII centuries.).

Administrative law and administrative process

8. Azovtsev A.A. Concept and types of administrative investigation in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
9. Anischenko E.V. The Legal regime – to the definition of.
10. Baranenkova I.V. The order of the notification on the facts of the address to the military personnel for the purpose of inducing them to Commission of corruption offenses.
11. Venichkov D.A. Characteristics of the law enforcement activities of border authorities at checkpoints through the state border.
12. Glukhov E.A. Influence of bureaucratic procedures on management decisions.
13. Rodicheva N.I. Some aspects of the material liability of servicemen.
14. Talybov R.A. Some directions of improvement of legal regulation of withdrawal of the parcels of land for needs of defense of the country and safety of the state.
15. Shcherbak S. I. On the right of authorities to use firearms.

Civil right

16. Bagaudinov Sh.G. Appeal of property in state revenue as a means of combating corruption.
17. Baskakova I.V. Escrow account Agreement: selected issues of law enforcement.
18. Egorov A.P. On approaches to aircraft classification in the system of real estate.
19. Misak A.Yu. Legal problems of participation of individuals in the corporate procurement.
20. Smorchkova L.N, Eremeev V.Yu. Some questions of management of Federal real estate in the military organization of the state.
21. Trachuk O.V. Civil and legal status of military educational organization.

Social guarantees of military personnel. Housing provision.

22. Ananieva E.E. Directions of optimization of work on pension provision in bodies of Federal security service.
23. Ivanov V.Yu. Legal consequences of incorrect inclusion of the serviceman in the register of participants of accumulative and mortgage system of housing provision.
24. Kirichenko N. C. Possible contradictions between the provisions of the laws governing the recognition of a soldier's family members.
25. Trofimov E. N. On the issue of eviction of former members of the military family from the office premises.
26. Kharitonov S. S. To the question of payments to the official missions military personnel: legal aspects.

Criminal law and criminal procedure

27. Vilkova A.V., Zinin G. Yu. Institute of the totality of crimes in criminal legislation of foreign countries.
28. Mozgovoy O.A. Use of the experiences of a military investigator in situations of armed conflict to optimize military criminal legislation and in the educational process.
29. Nazarov N.H. The concept and composition of war crimes under the laws of foreign countries.
30. Ponomareva A.V. Some features of procedural activity of investigators of military units on check of messages on crimes.
31. Sotnikov V.V., Abdulhakov J.E. Current problems of the Institute of exemption from criminal responsibility with the appointment of a judicial fine.
32. Sudenko V.E., Lineva E.S. Problems of realization of house arrest as a criminal procedural coercive measure.

Prosecutorial activities

33. Barkalova E.V., Vyshtakaliuk A.M., Popov A.I. Towards the question about legal regulation familiarize the Prosecutor with the audio and video at the pre-trial stages of criminal proceedings.
34. Danilova N.A., Nikolaeva T.G. Analysis by the Prosecutor of the Protocol of survey of a scene.
35. Koryakin V.M. Warning of the military Prosecutor as a preventive means of ensuring the rule of law in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
36. Mahyanov R.M. Formation of the Prosecutor's tactics.
37. Subanova N.V., Vorontsov A.A. Activity of bodies of Prosecutor's office on counteraction to illegal trafficking in the weapon.

Military criminology

38. Kandybko N.V., Parshakov A.S. To the question of the main directions of counteraction of crime among the military personnel: history, modernity, development prospects.
39. Onokolov U.P. Needed to improve the prevention of increased road offenses committed by military personnel outside services.
40. Garabet K.V. Military narcocriminality as a promising military criminology.

Military problems of international law. Foreign military legislation

41. Ageev A.A. Some "April theses" on the problems of combating terrorism.
42. Verbitskaya T.V. Relationship between the prohibition of the use of nuclear weapons in international humanitarian law and the right of a state to self-defence.
43. Dolgova A.I. Terrorism and the international legal basis of the fight against It
44. Ovcharov O.A. Problems of legal work on improvement of activity of military clergy and the way of their decision taking into account experience of Norway

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