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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2018г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 2, 2018


The military aspects of administrative law

1. Belkov A.P. Theory of the legal regime for the protection of information constituting a state secret.
2. Bulygina I.A. Legal regulation of realization of the right to the address of citizens in bodies of Federal security service of the Russian Federation.
3. Glukhov E.A., Koryakin V.M. The main And secondary at an assessment of activity of the serviceman: statement of a problem.
4. Slivkov A.S. Contradictions of legal regulation caused by assignment of anti-corruption restrictions, the bans and duties on the workers substituting on the basis of the employment contract of positions of faculty in Voyenno-educational institutions.
5. Trofimov M.V. Financial legal personality as a prerequisite of financial and legal status of military organizations.

History of military law and legislation

6. Shevchuk A.N. The Statute of the military court of 1867 as an important stage in the formation of legislation on procedural guarantees of servicemen.
7. Shelkovnikova E.D. Duels among the officers of Imperial Russia: the honor and the law.

Civil law and land law aspects of military law

8. Talybov R.A. General characteristic of the legal relations arising in connection with withdrawal of the parcels of land for needs of defense of the country and safety of the state.
9. Kharitonov S.S. Reclamation works in military organizations: legal component Military duty and military service.

Military duty and military service

10. Lobanov I.M. Features of legal regulation of military service of adjuncts (doctoral students) of the educational organizations of FSB of Russia as special type of military service under the contract.
11. Kharitonov V.S. Legal aspects of regulation of military-applied sports as a part of voluntary training of citizens for military service.

Social guarantees of servicemen. Housing provision

12. Trofimov E.N. Returning to the published: to the question of preserving the right to obtain a state housing certificate for the purchase of housing outside these towns in the light of changes in the current legislation for some categories of citizens living in the territory of the former closed military camps.
13. Tuganov Yu. N., Kitaeva L.E. Project financing of housing construction forecast of risks for military personnel (on the example of judicial practice under contracts of participatory construction).
14. Chirkin A.A. Problematic aspects of the implementation of military pensioners of the right to compensation of travel expenses in sanatorium-resort and Wellness organizations.

Liability of military personnel

15. Kirichenko N.C. Legal regulation of bringing the military personnel of troops of national guard of the Russian Federation to material responsibility and some aspects of its improvement.
16. Polunin S.V., Komissarov A.V., Komissarov M.V. Material responsibility of military personnel: istoriko-legal aspect.

Prosecutorial, judicial, law enforcement activities

17. Voronov A.F. Collective administrative action: the practice of military courts.
18. Mahanova R.M. Job analysis of the military Prosecutor.
19. Nikitin E.L. Actual problems of prosecutorial supervision of execution of laws at presentation of results of quickly-search activity in military investigative bodies.
20. Rajabov A.G. On the issue of countering illegal armed groups.
21. Tereshchuk S.S. Some issues of implementation of military prosecutors authority to bring to administrative responsibility for offences in part 2 of article 7.24 of the Russian code of administrative offences.

Criminology. Operatively-search activity

22. Gnedova N.P. The Current state of legal regulation of operational and investigative activities in the penal correction system.
23. Charlov I.V. The Main indicators of the crimes of cadets of educational institutions of the FSIN of Russia.
24. Onokolov U.P. Accepted in the Russian Federation measures were able to achieve a stable and significant decrease in criminality servicemen.
25. Subanova N. B. Counteraction to crimes and other offenses in the field of licensing of business activity on management of apartment houses.

Military criminal law. Criminal proceeding

26. Behala S.V. Of jurisdiction of criminal cases that contain information constituting a state secret.
27. Ermolovich Y.N., Chestnov N.E. About some questions of oversight and investigation of criminal cases by the military justice authorities.
28. Sotnikova V.V., Tedeev G.A. Abuse of a representative of power: problems of criminal liability.

Military problems of international law. Foreign military legislation

29. Ageev A.A. International legal basis of military-police operations.
30. Verbitskaya T.V. Relationship of the Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons and the international legal regime of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
31. Maksurov A.A. Problems of coordination of activity of authorities at counteraction to internal and external threats to security in Scandinavia.
32. Ovcharov O.A., Prokofiev A.B. Legal work to improve the activities of chaplains based on the experience of Muslim countries.

Criticism and bibliography

33. Zahartsev S.I. To the question about the ethics of scientific discussion.
34. Koryakin V.M. Personnel selection of officers: the historical aspect.

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