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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2018г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 1, 2018


Security, defense, combating terrorism, military construction.

1. Ageev A.A. What are the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation need of modern Russia, and what right can provide for them?
2. Damaskin O.V. Russia in the modern world: the lessons of history and prospects of development in the interests of strengthening the sovereignty and national security.
3. Kartashova I.B. Military security in the national security system.
4. Makov A.A. Extremism in the border area of the Russian Federation in the system of threats to national security and the perspectives of improvement of legal regulation.
5. Fedorov S. V., Kobelev, D.N. Directions of perfection of legal regulation of anti-terrorist activities of special purpose units of the border authorities of the Federal security service.
6. Chaika V.A. the Role of security organs in the prevention of terrorism.
7. Shablykina I.V., Starshinov Ya.V. Legal regulation of countering terrorism in the Russian Federation and some directions of improvement of legislation.
8. Shcherbak S.I. Procedure of application of special means at protection of State border of the Russian Federation.

The military aspects of administrative law.

9. Glukhov E.A. The Alienation of man in the bureaucratic structures (for example, military organizations)
10. Zorin O.L., Mashin V.N., Sagitov R.A. members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as participants in the electoral process.
11. Petrova O.V. About some aspects of evidence the purpose of evasion of administrative supervision.
12. Rodicheva N.N. Administrative-legal regulation and military construction in an era of change.

Civil-legal aspects of military law.

13. Kudashkin V.V. Problematic aspects of procurement in the field of military-technical cooperation.
14. Svininykh E.A., Moiseev D.V. On the implementation of closed electronic procedures for determination of suppliers (contractors, performers) to the contract system in procurement of goods, works, services for ensuring the country's defence and state security.
15. Kharitonov S.S. About some theoretical and legal aspects of contractual work with the participation of military units.

The social guarantees for servicemen. Housing.

16. Gaudin D.Y. Expansion of the principle of singularity of housing for military personnel and reflections on the theme of judicial rulemaking.
17. Kalinin S.I. Peculiarities of classification of the law on housing provision of military men and members of their families and on the practice of application by courts of the legislation in this sphere.
18. Koryakin V.M. Problems of legal regulation of certain rights of Russian military pensioners from among the former servicemen of Ukraine.
19. Trofimov E.N. To the question of the right to an additional total area of premises officers, received a military rank "Colonel", "captain 1st rank" in the period of being in stock.

Judicial activities. Civil process.

20. Antipov N.A., Vilkova V.A. Some problems of application of mediation procedures (legal aspect).
21. Voronov A.F. "Gross and obvious error of counsel" and the judicial protection of the rights of servicemen.
22. Golovko A.I., Islamov A.R. Problems of participation of the prosecutor in consideration by courts of Affairs about the treatment of the property of servicemen in the income of the Russian Federation.
23. Luzhin K.N., Melnikov E.D. Problems of organization and activities of the military courts of the Russian Federation in special conditions.

Military criminology and forensic science.

24. Gulyaev V.G., Zvyagintsev V.V., Goryainov A.V. Peculiarities of the gathering and forensic investigation of biological objects (mobiscope) in order to address the challenges facing the security agencies.
25. Ermolovich Y.N. On the issue of causation in crimes against military service, connected with infringement of special rules.
26. Zhavoronkov V.A. Some directions of struggle against stealings and thefts of motor vehicles in the territories, subordinated to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.
27. Parshakov A.S. Some aspects of forecasting crime soldiers: history and modernity.

Military criminal law. The criminal procedure. Penal law.

28. Efimkin Y.S., Mamedgasanov E.I. To the question of improving the procedure of introducing amendments to the Criminal procedural code of the Russian Federation.
29. Zinin, G.Yu., Vilkova A.V. The Prerequisites, the conditions and grounds overturned: prospects for legislative improvement of the Institute.
30. Zorin O.L., Bakovic M.N., Fellows E.V. About changes in the legal regulation of serving criminal sentences convicted servicemen.
31. Sudenko, V. E. Criminal liability for violation of the rules of navigation and assist perishing at sea.
32. Torbin G. Proof as a form of criminal procedure in criminal proceedings.


33. Begunova A.A. The Concept of corruption risks in the activities of military organizations.
34. Ilmtntykin P.V. Problems of combating corruption and corruption-lack of clarity of certain provisions of the Labour code of the Russian Federation.
35. Klyuchikov I.A. Corruption risks of financial incentives for mentor.
36. Tuganov Yu.N., Аuljv V.K. Loss of representative of employer confidence in the civil servant: legal defects of procedure and ways of their elimination (probability of use against troops).

The military aspects of environmental and land law.

37. Karachentsova S.I. Supervision over execution of legislation in the field of urban development and ensuring the effectiveness of the defense of the state.
38. Nasyrov D.V. the Legal regime of lands of defense and security: the object of study.
39. Rusanov I.P., Ivakin V.I. To the question of the legal regime of land and protection of the natural environment in the territories occupied by the structures of the Pacific fleet (on the example of ZATO Fokino, Primorsky Krai).

Educational activities. The strengthening of military discipline.

40. Ovcharov A.O., Solonin S.N. The role and the place of chaplains in combat: psychological and legal aspects of.
41. Pogorelov S.A. Glukhov E.A. Limitation of authority of commanders and superiors for disciplinary action on subordinates from the commissioners and of the military councils in the period from 1917 to 1945.
42. Fomichenko A.P. To the question of the Russian nation and the national interest.
43. Kharitonov V.S. Training in the cadet schools (schools, buildings) as a form of pre-conscription training of citizens: some issues of legal regulation.

Military problems of international law.

44. Verbitskaya T.V. Will the prohibition of nuclear weapons bifurcation point for the international regime of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons?
45. Verdyan A. Legal regulation of administrative-legal status of customs officers serving in Armenia.

Reviews of military legal publications.

46. Shurygina Yu.A. Theoretical-legal and practical aspects of the activities of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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