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Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2017г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 4, 2017


Legal support of national security.

1. Krasinskiy V.V. On the new features of the tactics of modern terrorist activities (for example, the "Islamic state").
2. Lifantseva O.V. Some aspects of the current state of legal support of border management on ways of the international messages.
3. Ovcharov A.O., Soloninа S.N. Psycho-legal work of military clergy in time of war (military-legal and theological study).
4. Sviyazov D.A., Kurdа V. Border authorities as subjects of counteraction to terrorism and extremism in the Russian Federation.
5. Sudenko, V.E. Legal support of anti-terrorist protection of navigation.
6. Yakubov M.I. Legal basis for the use of means and methods of dog training support in operational activities bodies of the Federal security service.

The military aspects of administrative law.

7. Ananyeva E.E. Historical and legal aspects of laying the Russian Federal security service functions for the organization of the pension provision of certain categories of citizens, dismissed from military service.
8. Glukhov E.A. The invasion of the competence of military officials in a hierarchical control system .
9. Zemlin A.I., Nazarchuk I.A. Financial control as a factor of combating corruption in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Civil-legal aspects of military law.

10. Garashchuk O.A. Features of state contracts concluded with the organization of military and special rail transportation on the results of trading.
11. Sergeenko D.Yu., Kostyuchenkov A.A. Peculiarities of public procurement of goods, works, services for the military units of the Russian Federation stationed on the territory of foreign States.
12. Stragetic, J. N., Slepko G. E. Questions of legitimate representation of the interests of a minor victim, including pupils of military units.
13. Trofimov M.V. Conceptual approaches to the definition of the legal personality of military organizations.

Prosecutorial activities.

14. Karachentsova S.I. Features of legality by the attorney in the field of urban planning.
15. Mahanova R. M. The place of tactics in the prosecutors ' activities on prevention of offences in the Armed Forces.

Environmental problems of military activities.

16. Sensin V.M. Sources of environmental contamination in a military unit.

Criminal law. Criminology.

17. Bunin O. Yu. Special forms of criminal punishment soldiers must be made more equitable.
18. Kalinin A.A. Features of the application of military criminal law during the great Patriotic war.
19. Petrov I.V. Criminological characteristics and prevention of crimes related to extremist activities.

The criminal procedure. Judicial activities.

20. Korshunova O. N., Kulik N.V. The characteristics of the activities of the public Prosecutor in the formation of the jury in a military court.
21. Koryakin V. M. Some problems of differentiation of jurisdiction between military courts and other Federal courts of General jurisdiction.
22. Folder S. V. The concept, nature and importance of differentiation of pre-trial proceedings in crime investigation, the investigator suspects border on.
23. Serova, E. B., Shirokov A. M. Some problems of maintenance of the state charge in court with participation of jurors.

Foreign military legislation. International issues of military law.

24. Vorobyov A.G. Club ed, or a correctional facility in the canadian Armed forces.
25. Kulyk S. F. The levels of legal regulation of international cooperation of the Federal security service in the field of training.
26. Kydyraliev C. E. Comparative legal analysis of the conditions of material liability of servicemen of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic.
27. Holikov I. V., Sazonova K. L. International legal responsibility in the context of the legal regulation of the military use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Reviews of military legal publications.

28. Shurygina, Yu. A. New book about the housing support of servicemen.

Judicial practice.

29. The judicial practice of Judicial Board on military cases of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

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