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Военное право
Военное право

Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2017г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 1, 2017


Legal provision of national security and defense.

1. Damaskin O. V. Modern military problems of international law and international jurisdiction.
2. Kosikov K. A. The activities of the border agencies of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union to secure the border and military security (legal mechanism).
3. Skulakov R. M. The territory of the state in the military doctrine of the Russian Federation
4. Belyaev N. N. Improvement of legal regulation of the use of drones to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation.

Problems of state and military administration.

5. Glukhov E.A. The effectiveness of the meetings in military organizations.
6. Koryakin V. M., Rybakova M. A. Departmental norm-setting in the Ministry of defence: essence and content.
7. Ovcharov A.O. Problems of regulation of Church-state relations in the field of defense: improving legal work (military-legal and theological study).
8. Rodicheva N.I. Functions of Executive bodies and administrative-territorial formations: comparative legal characteristics.

History of military law and military law.

9. Artamonova S.N. About the domestic experience of reform of the military investigative bodies of the judicial power of the preliminary investigation.
10. Fadeev N.V. Historical and legal aspects of demarcation of the Arctic as a basis for the security of the old Russian state in the region (X — first half of XIV centuries).

The housing support of servicemen. Social guarantees.

11. Vorobyov E.G. Provision of servicemen of land plots for individual housing construction: an erosion of the relevant legal provisions of article 15 of the Federal law "On status of servicemen" in the light of their historical interpretation
12. Sergeenko D.Yu., Kichigin N.V. Separate the issues of housing provision for servicemen of the Russian Federation, passing military service on the territory of foreign States
13. Verhovodov V.A. Organizational and legal issues of improving the legal regime of closed military towns.
14. Gacko M.F. The procedure for implementing military law for the professional training of their dismissal from military service.

The state defense order. Financial and economic activities of military organisations.

15. Svininykh E.A., Moiseev D.V. To the question on administrative responsibility of officials of the head executor (executor) for the violation of certain conditions of the state contract under the state defense order (the contract concluded in fulfilment of the state defence order).
16. Trofimov M.V. The legal status of military organizations as participants of financial relations.
17. Mahanova R.M., Olkhovskaya N.P. Prosecutorial supervision over the observance of legality of use of budgetary funds at execution of the state defense order for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
18. Pavlov A.V. Civil-legal means of protection of the rights of subjects of military-technical cooperation under the international economic sanctions.

Legal training, legal education of servicemen.

19. Ivaneev S.V. Socio-cultural guidelines in legal education of servicemen.
20. Artamonova S.N. Military-legal education in the context of reforming of the Russian higher school in the second half of the nineteenth century.
21. Kazakov V. N., Tuganov Yu.N. Methodological approaches to the study of the phenomenon of the "professional qualities of an employee border bodies".

Corruption in the military organization of the state.

22. Baranenkova I.V. The main legal means of corruption prevention in the military units.
23. Bogunova A. On some problems of corruption prevention in military organizations.
24. Zaykov D. E. Employees military organizations in light of developments in anti-corruption legislation.

Law enforcement, judicial, investigative activities.

25. Mintagov S.A. Military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the system of military law enforcement.
26. Rener N.A., Makarova O.A. Jury reform: problems and prospects.
27. Kirichenko N.C. The constitutional Court of the Russian Federation considered the question of the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Federal law "About a liability of military servicemen".
28. Tuganov Yu.N., Petrov I.V. Investigative, intelligence and counterintelligence activities: comparative legal analysis of international and domestic law.

Criminal and penal law.

29. Smirnov D.V. Criminal liability for committing a crime in terms of its provocations by law enforcement officials.
30. Ermolovich Y.N. The conviction of soldiers undergoing military service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the period from 2000 to 2015.

Criminology and forensic science.

31. Torbin G. The doctrine of the traces of the crime in the works of scientists, criminologists and protsessualistov the XIX and XX centuries.
32. Shishov S.S. Forensic characterization of mechanism of a crime under article 352 of the criminal code (violation of rules of navigation).
33. Yakubov M.I. Legal regulation of canine activities in the Federal Executive authorities of the Russian Federation, within the framework of national security: comparative legal analysis.

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