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Magazine "Military law". Release № 4, 2016


Magazine "Military law". Release № 4, 2016


Defense. Military security. Military construction.

1. Damaskin O.V. Modern problems of military law in the sphere of ensuring the national defence and security.
2. Ivanov, P.M., Sharanov B.S. The political-legal framework legal status of the Armed Forces The Kyrgyz Republic.
3. Verbitskaya T.V. To the question about the functions of local authorities in ensuring the defense of the state.
4. Ovcharov A.O. Problems of legal work in the separation of religious organizations from the state in terms of military organization and ways of their solution.
5. Reznichenko K. L. legislation in the field of national security in the context of system analysis.

Problems of military control.

6. Glukhov E.A. Causes of fraud in the reports of military leaders and measures for their elimination.
7. Mikhalev D.M. To the question about the concept of officers in military law.

History of military law and military law.

8. Luzhin K.N. The evolution of views on military courts as the justice in the USSR before the great Patriotic war.
9. Olkhovska N.P., Mahanova R.M. The Genesis of legal regulation of settlement legal relationship with participation of the military
organizations (historical overview).
10. Stepanenko N.E., Dubrovsky V.F. The development of Russian legislation about the responsibility of military for insulting other members.
11. Talybov R.A. Historical development of the legal regulation of withdrawal of land plots for the needs of national defense and state security.
12. Shishov S.S. Retrospective analysis and modern condition of organization of inquiry, the preliminary investigation and supervision

A military duty. Military service.

13. Verdyan A.A. Features and issues of passage of military service by citizens of the Republic of Armenia in the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Armenia.
14. Orlovskaya A. I. About the legal status of a reservist.
15. Torkunov, M. A., Torkunov A. M. The rights of a soldier at the change of duty station.
16. Kharitonov V.S. The necessity of legal the definition of military-Patriotic education of citizens of Russia.

The work of civilian personnel.

17. Kovalev V. I., Lomakina T. V. Topical issues of establishment and payment alignment positions (working professions) civilian personnel in military units (military organizations)the Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation.

Social protection of servicemen.

18. Sogiyanen A. A. The quality of care in the provision of outpatient care in the Armed Forces: organizational and legal aspects.

Civil-legal aspects of military law.Public procurement for defence and security.

19. Dodometov S. I. The question of the restoration of the Statute of limitations in respect of prisoners.
20. Koryakin V. M. The concept and essence of the anti-corruption clause in government contract for the supply of goods, performance of works, rendering of services for needs of military organizations.
21. Paskar S. V. The technique of carrying out anti-corruption examination of documents of procurement for the needs of military organizations.
22. Svininykh E. A., Shilov A. I. On order to avoid competition among participants of procurement of goods, works, services for national defense and state security.

Public Prosecutor's supervision. Prosecutorial activities.

23. Kotov A. A. Procedural aspects of bringing the Prosecutor to administrative liability of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs.
24. Okuneva K. D. The principles of prosecutorial supervision over execution of legislation on combating corruption in local authorities.
25. Danilova N. A., Nikolaeva T. G. On some aspects of the analysis by the attorney the materials of the criminal case of embezzlement through misappropriation or embezzlement, perfect for servicemen.

Administrative proceedings.

26. Voronov A. F. Application of the Code of administrative procedure of the Russian Federation in military courts.

The legitimacy of, military discipline, law and order.

27. Kondrat'ev S. M. Stage of consideration of the case of disciplinary misconduct Soldier.
28. Sudenko, V. E., Zhavoronkov V.A. Some ways of increasing road safety in the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces.
29. Tuganov Yu. N., Reshetnikov V.N. The use of legal means of ensuring military discipline commanders (chiefs).
30. Shcherbak S. I. Modern trends of legal regulation of the procedure use of weapons by military.

Military criminology and forensic science.

31. Vinogradova, A. D. The latency in the field of accounting and registration of crimes and its causes.
32. Grigoryan G. M. Legal support investigation of war crimes in the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as a structural element of the concept of the investigation war crimes committed by the warring parties armed conflict.
33. Rumyantseva I. V. Investigative diagnosis of a typical mechanism for breaches of the regulations relations between military men at absence between them of subordination relations.

Judicial practice.

34. Judicial practice of the Judicial Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for military.

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