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Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2010г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 1, 2010

I. Legal status salient features of new type state - financed establishments.
Baranenkova I.V., scientific associate of the Russian Law Problems Research Center of Ekvitas.
The article studies legal status salient features of new type state - financed establishments – governmental organizations in respect of military organizations.
Governmental organizations, status, military organizations.
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5)Federal Draft Law On Amendments to Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation due to Legal Status Development of State – Financed (Public) Establishments.

II. Criminal and legal safety of servicemen’s honour and dignity.
D.S. Grinevich, civil law chair adjunct of the Military University, senior lieutenant of justice.
The article studies criminal and legal safety measures of servicemen’s honour and dignity.
A serviceman, honour, dignity, safety measures.
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III. Legal basis of law: the matter of the problem.
Gushina N.A., doctor of legal sciences; professor, Bordin C.N., legalist.
The article analyses co - relation between right and law referring to the military field of the state activity.
Right, law, military security.
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IV. The Russian Federation defensive capacity strengthening as a prospect higher priority national project.
Goncharov Vitaliy Victorovich, Director of the Globalization Problems, Economics and Civil Society Development Scientific Research Institute, Chair of Constitutional and Municipal Law professor.
The summary. In the present article the analysis of strengthening of defensibility of the Russian Federation as perspective priority national project is carried out. The author investigated the internal and external reasons causing the prompt carrying out in Russia of military modernisation, with giving to strengthening of defensibility of our country of the status of the priority national project. The estimation of the problems interfering preparation and realisation of the given priority national project is carried out. In article offers on carrying out of some the practical organizational-legal actions connected with given process are developed.
Keywords and word-combinations: defensibility; the perspective priority national project; national safety; defence Council; the President of the Russian Federation; the message; modernisation.
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V. About some issues of socially - dangerous acts criminalization in the information field.
Ermolovoch Y.N., candidate of legal sciences, captain of justice.
The article touches upon the issue of military and informational security correlation in the interests of the state defense.
Information, security, defense.
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VI. Organizational and methodic problems of military officials’ corruption activities reveal.
Corporate authors:
Kudashkin A.V., doctor of legal sciences, professor, head of the Scientific Research Institute department of the Prosecutor-General’s Office Academy (head of corporate authors);
Sinko V.N., candidate of legal sciences, the department leading scientific associate (attachment 3);
Alekseev S.V., the department junior research associate;
Belyakov V.N., the department scientific associate;
Fedorov P.E., candidate of legal sciences, lecturer of criminal law chair of the Military University (attachment 4).
The scientific research carried out by the Russian Federation Prosecutor - General’s Office Academy, publishes results of the scientific research on corruption reveal of the military officials’ activities.
Corruption, military officials, problems of reveal.
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VII. Rivalry of criminal – legal norms while qualifying regulations violation of performing special tupes of military duties linked with weapons guard, ammunition and other means of armament.
Lyaskalo A.N., military procurator of the Moscow city military procuracy department, candidate of legal sciences, captain of justice.
The article studies such controversial issues as regulations violation of performing special types of military duties linked with weapons guard, ammunition and other means of armament.
Criminal responsibility, special types of military service, armament.
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VIII. The issue of legislative development of servicemen’s criminal responsibility in war time and in the field.
D.M. Torkunov, assistant chairman of the garrison military tribunal of Uliyanovsk, captain of justice
The article is devoted to the problem of character and degree of social danger of servicemen’s crimes committed in war time and in the field.
War time, combat environment, criminal responsibility, a serviceman.
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