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Электронное научное издание "Военное право" 2009г.


Magazine "Military law". Release № 4, 2009

I. Urgent aspects of the national security threats counteraction in the boundary field.
O.V. Damaskin, doctor of legal sciences, professor, merited lawyer of the Russian Federation.
The article is devoted to the issues of the national security threats counteraction in the boundary field due to the ratified national security Strategy until 2020.
The National security, boundary, threats counteraction.
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II. Sociological analysis of problems of warfare invalids’ rights realization, regulated by the international and Russian legislation.
N.V.Iliina - lecturer of the Russian Defense Ministry Military University.
The article contains sociological research results made by the author on problems of warfare invalids’ rights realization, regulated both by the international, as well as the Russian legislation. Besides, the ways of regulatory framework improving in the field have been studied.
Hostilities, invalid, social protection
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2. Federal Law of 24 November 1995 №181-FL On Social Protection of Invalids in the Russian Federation.

III. Historic – judicial aspect of the development of men and women equality institution on military service.
D.E.Zaykov senior juridic councellor of the autonomous federal body of “ The 25th State Research Institution of the Russian Federation Defence Ministry ”, captain of the legal department.
The article gives the overview of the genesis of the men and women equality institution on military service.
Military service, genesis of the men and women equality, genesis.
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IV. The issue of corruption concept and the object of corruption crimes (criminal and legal aspect).
Koval Alexei Vitalievich, the RF DM Military University, candidate of legal sciences.
The article deals with criminal and legal aspects of corruption concept, both the object of corruption crimes, as well as anti – corruption measures have been analyzed.
Corruption, crimes, qualification
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V. Problems of the Russian Federation Armed Forces implementation legality nowadays.
Kudashkin A.V. doctor of legal sciences, professor.
The article studies problematic issues of legal status of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, in particular, it analyses the problems of the Military Forces implementation legality.
Armed Forces, implementation, legality
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VI. Salient features of military administration officials’ juridical behavior associated with the military service of the contract servicemen due to bringing legal action against them.
Fateev K.B., doctor of legal sciences, professor.
The article studies characteristic features of the military administration officials’ juridical behavior associated with the military service of the contract servicemen due to bringing legal action against them.
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