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Rules for publication of scientific articles

1. Attention authors!
Directing to the editorial Board of periodical of your posts, You are giving the publisher (BORN "For the rights of soldiers") the right to use their works (materials), selected by the publisher, in the following ways:
- to reproduce the material;
- to disseminate the materials;
- bring materials to the public, including via the Internet;
- to import copies of the materials.
These rights are granted by the author to the publisher in the entire world since placement of material on the site and prior to the expiration of exclusive rights in the materials according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
2. Scientific articles, received a positive expert assessment, published as a rule, not later than six months from the date of receipt of the manuscript to the editor.
3. For the publication of manuscripts from graduate students (adjuncts) and other authors will not be charged.
4. Placement in the manuscript advertising information without the consent of the editor is not acceptable.
Rules for submission of manuscripts
1. For publication in the journal of periodical (hereinafter – the Journal accepts scientific articles and reviews, as a rule, by the military-legal topics.
2. Manuscripts of articles and accompanying materials are submitted by the authors by e-mail pvs1997@mail.ru or vpravo@mail.ru. Both signed by the author (authors) copy of the manuscript and the accompanying materials are sent to the postal address 117342, Moscow, Butlerova str., 40.
3. The article should end with a reference list (list of sources used), which shall include only the author's works to be included in the Russian index of scientific citation.
4. Submitted manuscripts must be proofread, edit, and mandatory internal and external review (see the Procedure for reviewing the manuscripts).
5. The editorial Board reserves the right to refuse to consider manuscripts that do not meet the above requirements, it does not return the manuscript, but shall notify the author about the reasons for the refusal (orally or by email).

The order of review of manuscripts

1. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal undergo peer review (peer evaluation), both internal external.
Internal peer review is conducted by the supervisor (scientific Advisor), Department, research establishment (structural division of research organization), in the state which is the author; external member of the editorial Board or other person having the degree of doctor of legal Sciences and/or the academic title of Professor, which has in the past 3 years publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles.
2. The reviewer conducts the review of work within two weeks from the date of receipt by him of the manuscript. If for any reason the reviewer is unable to conduct a peer review of the manuscript within the prescribed period, he must inform the chief editor. Chief editor in this case may extend the period of review or to send the manuscript for review by another reviewer.
3. Negative (i.e., containing no conclusion on whether to publish the article) the review is sent to the author (authors) manuscripts they have provided an email address without specifying the person completing the review. Positive reviews are sent to authors upon request.
If you publish the article in the Journal the editors have the right to specify information about the person who gave it a positive review. Reviews are submitted by editorial staff on request of Ministry of education and science.
4. The author disagrees with the review, shall have the right, within one week from the mailing to him of the review to submit their objections on its content.
5. In the event of rejection, the editorial Board sends the author a reasoned refusal.
6. Reviews are kept in the edition (publishing) at least 5 years.
7. Upon admission to the editors of the relevant request copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of education.
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